Combai Dog

The Combai dog is a Indian breed of dog which is famed for it’s aggression and loyalty. It is also known as Kombai and Indian Terrier. It is found evolved in the foothills of Western Ghats of South India.

The breed was almost driven to the brink of extinction, and now has been revived in around Tamil Nadu state by dog enthusiasts and they have been instrumental in popularizing the breed in other states in India. The breed is considered as an extremely loyal, intelligent and powerful native breed.

The Combai dog has been recognized by Kennel Club of India and has been well represented in the shows conducted by their Tamil Nadu Chapter.

The dog can be classified into terrier group for its balanced squarish structure, sharp movements, gait, trot, facial structure and tail hold. It has joined the Dog Breeding and Training School of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Bengaluru, on a pilot basis in 2020.[1]

Combai Dog Characteristics

The Combai dogs are generally tan or red brown in coloration, and they are mostly found with black mask at muzzle, pendant and pricked ears. They are fairly square-bodied dogs, that means their height and length are almost equal.

Their rear leg angulation is closely related to that of the terrier and are highly energetic and loyal breed.

Their coats are easily maintainable, and are less prone to skin disorders, fungal and yeast infections, and parasite infestations. The breed, having evolved naturally many centuries ago, is more immune to most diseases compared to the human-designed breeds.

The Combai dogs have a double coat with brick coarse short hair on the outer and soft fawn colored internal coat which give them a distinctive pattern.

Black coloration on the muzzle is generally predominant and it grays as the dog gets older. Their muzzle structure is squarish and muscular.

The Combai dog breed is rarely overweight and a balanced dog always tends to keep itself fit to move around. The shedding is hardly noticeable due to their short hair.

Average body height of the mature dog is between 16 and 20 inches at the withers. And average live body weight is between 25 and 30 inches for the males, and between 20 and 25 inches for the females.

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The Combai is an intelligent and sensible dog breed, which is always ready to please it’s owner and other family members. It is athletic, intelligent and alert.

Contrary to the popular belief of its ferocious temper, the Combai is very alert, a good family dog, loves to play with children and enjoys human companionship. It clearly senses who is welcome and who is not.

As an intelligent dog, the Combai strives to please its master and generally responds to the mood and command of its master from its infancy.

As a guard dog, the Combai is very effective, alert and adaptable to the conditions. It is fairly aggressive towards strangers, and is aloof to them. The Combai were used as home and livestock guardians as it has high pain tolerance. Nowadays, they are mostly used as guard dogs in farm houses. Years ago they were used to guard people’s cattle from tigers and leopards.

The Combai dog continue to be popular in South India and are celebrated as not just strong hunters but loyal family pets. Many Combai lovers and kennels have come together to re-populate Combai.


Average lifespan of the Combai dog is between 9 and 13 years.


How much a mature dog eats depends on it’s size, age, build, metabolism and activity level. Dogs are individuals, just like people, and they don’t all need the same amount of food.

The Combai dogs are medium in size, but they are highly active. So, their diet should be formulated for a medium sized dog with high exercise needs. Consult with a vet in your area for better feeding recommendations.


Taking good care of the animals is very important for raising Combai dogs. You should always keep up with your dog’s regular veterinary checkups to detect any health concerns early. Your vet will be able to help you develop a caring routine that will keep your dog healthy.

The Combai dogs will do well in an apartment life, and can live with only a small yard so long as they get enough exercise.

The Combai is a very active dog breed. These dogs can be raised as pets, but they should have regular opportunities to run free on open ground as well as have long, brisk walks daily (preferably at the same time every day).

The smooth, shorthaired coat is very easy to groom. Simply comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo only when necessary. This breed is an average shedder.


The Combai dogs are generally healthy. But like all other dog breeds, they are also prone to certain health conditions.

Their common health problems include hip dysplasia and skin problems. Always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area.

Breed NameCombai
Other NamesAlso known by some other names such as Kombai and Indian Terrier    
Breed SizeMedium
HeightBetween 16 and 20 inches at the withers
WeightBetween 25 and 30 inches for the males, and between 20 and 25 inches for the females
Good as PetsYes
Climate ToleranceAll climates
ColorGenerally tan or red brown in coloration, and they are mostly found with black mask at muzzle, pendant and pricked ears
LifespanBetween 9 and 13 years
Good for ChildrenYes
Country/Place of OriginIndia

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