Sheep Housing

Sheep housing is not so important for sheep farming. Because they are dependent on grazing in the field. They are reared in yield field full with grass. And they eat grass from one corner to another.

Take rest in the field at night. But in winter season and north area they need housing. Besides this they also need house for some specific reasons which are described below.

  • For taking rest properly at night.
  • To save themselves form other harmful animals.
  • For milking the highly milk productive sheep.
  • For proper care and management of pregnant and baby sheep.
  • To prevent them from thief.
  • For providing shelter in rainy and stormy weather.

Types of Sheep Housing

In general three types of house used for sheep. They are

Open Sheep Housing

Sheeps are kept in this types of house in the area where rain is comparatively less. This house is made by making a fence surrounding a certain area. It has no roof. Generally straw is used in the floor.

sheep housing

Semi Open Sheep Housing

This types of house surrounded by fence. It has a small roof in a corner and straw floor.

Bound Sheep Housing

This types of house are fully roofed. Well management of air and light movement. Floor can be fully or slightly concrete. This types of sheep housing are very effective for sheep farming.

Sheep generally graze whole day and take rest at night in the house. Besides this they also need this types of house to keep them free from rain, storm and adverse weather.

Required Space for Sheep

Flat or entresol floor can made for sheep. Probability of virus and worm is less in entresol floor. And it is very healthy.

Sheep needs less space in this system. Required space for different types and aged of sheep are described in the following chart.

SheepWeight/AgeEntresol Floor (Squire Meter)Straw Floor (Squire Meter)
Big Female (Without Baby)68-90 Kg0.95-1.11.2-1.4
Big Female (With Baby)68-90 Kg1.2-1.71.4-1.85
Small Female (Without  Baby)45-68 Kg0.75-0.951.0-1.3
Small Female (With Baby)45-68 Kg1.0-1.41.3-1.75
Male Sheep32 Kg0.55-0.750.75-0.95
Male Sheep23 Kg0.45-0.550.65-0.95
Baby Sheep6 Week0.4
Baby Sheep2 Week0.15

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