Raising Goats For Profits

Commercial goat farming business is not a new idea. People are raising goats for profit from a long time ago. Among the traditional agribusiness ideas, goat farming is comparatively more profitable than other types agribusiness.

That’s the main reason of huge popularity of goat farming business throughout the world. Goats are suitable for commercial milk, meat and mohair production.

Goat meat is very tasty, healthy, nutritious, easily digestible and has a huge demand and value in the local and international market. More than 60% of the red meat that is consumed throughout the world is the goat meat.

Goat milk also has huge global demand and value. Goat milk is enriched with essential nutrients and less on it’s lactose count. Some goat breeders also raise goats for fiber production.

Goats fiber is known as mohair, which is very valuable and has high value in the international market. Nowadays more and more people are trying to establish a sustainable business. And commercial goat farming business can be a perfect one.

There are numerous new and established goat farms available around the world. Most of them are raising goats for profit. Although all business ideas are not suitable or perfect for all areas.

We are not forcing you, we are just telling the possibilities of making profits from this business. Always consider your local facilities, before starting any new or traditional business. Goat farming is not an exception.

Before starting goat farming for profit, always consider your local facilities and think everything related to this business wisely. If you intend to start raising goats for profit, read more about this business and the steps discussed below.

Raising Goats For Profit

People are doing various types of animal farming business from a long time ago. All of those are somehow profitable. But among those business, goat farming is really very suitable for making profits.

Goats produce valuable products, they are fast growing and very easily managed. They require very less care and maintenance than any other livestock animals.

But you have to consider a few things before raising goat for profits or any other kind of money making system. Here we are shortly describing the main considerations.

Choose the Right Breed

Choosing quality breeds for your production is very important. You must have to choose proper breeds according to your production purpose. Consider your local facilities while choosing breeds for your business.

Can your desired goats survive and grow well in your area? Are the breeds suitable for commercial production? Do you have enough facilities in your area for marketing the products?

Consider all these questions before starting raising goats for profit. There are numerous goat breeds available around the world. Not all of those breeds are suitable for profitable production. Goats are mainly raised for meat, milk and mohair production.

Boer, Kiko, Spanish, Savannah, Beetal, Black Bengal etc. are some popular meat goat breeds. Saanen, Nubian, Alpine, Toggenburg, Lamancha, Oberhasli, Jamunapari etc. are some world famous dairy goat breeds. Angora goats are suitable for quality mohair production.

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You can choose any of these breeds for your business. You can also consider your local breeds for specific production (if you have any quality breeds in your area).


Feeding adequate nutritious food is the key to make money from goat farming business. You must have to feed your goats well balanced and nutritious food. You can use commercial goat feed, which are easily available in the market.

Also consider preparing quality feeds by your own. Adding sufficient amount of greens in your goat’s regular diet is a must, whether you are going for commercial meat or milk production. Especially the dairy goats require greens more than the meat goats.

So ensure an adequate supply of greens for your goats. If you have enough facilities, try to make a pasture for your goats.

If pasture is not available, plant various types of hybrid grass and small trees on a separate piece of land. You can also consider purchasing greens from another sources. But it will cost you more than producing by your own.

So consider producing greens for your goats by your own. In accordance with providing adequate greens, grains or other types of goat feed, never forget to provide your goats sufficient amount of clean and fresh water according to their daily demand.


Make a suitable house or shelter for your goats. Building quality barn, pen or shelter for your goats, ensure better protection from adverse weather and predators. So prior consideration of making a suitable shelter for your goats is very important.

Usually for commercial production, an adult goat require about 1.5 squire meter of housing space. Although the required space vary depending the production system and the goat breeds that you are raising. Dairy goats require slightly more space than the meat goats.

While building the housing for your goats, ensure that it is suitable enough for keeping your animals safe inside. Also consider making a strong fence around the housing area. Strong fence will keep your goats safe from various types of predators.


Commercial goat farming business require some basic thing, and those are the equipment and the machinery. You will need these basic equipment for raising goats for profit. Those equipment will be very helpful for proper care and maintenance of your goats.

Common equipment for goats includes feeders, waterer, barn cleaning equipment, pasture clipping equipment, hay chopper, sorting pens, holding pens, grooming equipment, ear tagging, shearing equipment etc.

Care & Management

Always be very careful about the health condition of your goats. Healthy goats ensure better production and more profits.

Good housing, quality feeding, proper care, timely vaccination etc. are very important for the goats. And all of those will help to keep your goats healthy.

Goat’s care also include buck care, kid care, weaning, parasite control, foot trimming, regular grooming etc. Do all the caring tasks timely and always try to take good care of your goats. Thus you will be able to keep your goats healthy and productive.


Marketing is the most important part for making maximum profits from goat farming business. Your total efforts will be worthless, if you can’t properly use effective marketing strategies.

So it will be better if you can determine the market for your products before starting this business. Always try to sell your products in your local or any nearest market.

Raising goats for profit will be very profitable, if you are located near a city. Because there can be large ethnic diversity and huge customers in the cities.

You can also target some restaurants near your area. Selling the goats directly to the customer will be a great advantage. Always try to avoid agents or third parties.

You can also consider selling your goats to other goat breed organizations, individual goat producers or breeding stock sales.

Nowadays classified websites are playing a very important role in buying and selling any products. So you can use your local classifieds. You can take advantages of some religious festivals such as Puja, Eid ul Azha etc.

Be patient when you are raising goats for profit. Goats don’t start making profits after a few days of starting raising them. It takes time and worth waiting. This is the first post of this year 2014.

So wish you a very very happy new year. Forget your previous mistakes and start with new plan. God bless you!

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