Saanen Goat Farming: Best Business for High Profits

Saanen goat farming is very popular throughout the world. The breed is very good for milk production and it is considered as the best dairy goat breed. And the Saanen goat is among the largest of all dairy goat breeds.

The Saanen goat is raised mainly for commercial milk production purpose and today these animals are available throughout the world. They are very popular around the world mainly for their sturdiness, easy keepability and their ability to tolerate environmental changes.

The main advantage of Saanen goat farming business is their easy caring and management and their high milk production ability. On average, a good Saanen doe can produce around 3.8 liters of milk daily.

Milk of the Saanen goat is of very good quality and has good demand and value in the market. So, starting commercial Saanen goat farming can be a very good and lucrative business idea.

How to Start Saanen Goat Farming

Saanen goats are raised mainly for milk production purpose. So starting Saanen goat farming business is just like starting a commercial dairy goat farming business with any other dairy goat breeds.

The Saanen goats are very strong and hardy and they generally require less care and management. Here we are trying to describe everything about starting and operating a successful Saanen goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase very good quality, healthy and disease free goats from any of your nearest livestock market or any existing farms.

The Saanen goats are very common and available throughout the world. So you will probably be able to find quality goats within your area. You can also consider searching your local online classified websites.

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Arranging good housing or shelter facilities for your Saanen goats is very important.

Saanen goats generally love to stay in shady place and they can’t tolerate heavy sunlight. So a good shelter is required. And a good shelter also protects the animals from all types of predators, adverse conditions and different types of diseases.

Like many other domestic goat breeds, the Saanen goats also prefer dry and clean space for living. So building a raised house (which is above from the ground) will be good for them. Build the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house.

Install good ventilation system and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light. On average, around 15 square feet housing space will be enough for each goat. Make separate room inside the house for breeding bucks and nursing and pregnant does.


Feeding the animals with high quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Saanen goat farming business. The Saanen goats are highly milk productive animals. So, they generally require some extra protein and energy with their regular diet.

As a dairy goat breed, the Saanen goat also require adequate green feeds. You can produce green feeds in your land for feeding your goats. Provide vitamins and minerals to the goat as per the suggestion of an experienced vet. And always provide your goats with enough clean and fresh water.


There is no specific breeding season for the Saanen goats, and they can actually breed throughout the year. They are naturally good breeders, and natural breeding is generally practiced for Saanen goat farming. After successful breeding, a doe can produce a pair of kid in each kidding.


Along with providing the goats with good shelter and feeding them with nutritious foods, they also require additional caring for better growth and maximum production.

So, always try to take good care of your animals. De-worm and vaccinate them timely and contact with a vet if something goes wrong.


Marketing goat products is not a problem. You will probably be able to easily sell your products in your local market. Although, you should set your marketing strategies before starting this business.

These are the common steps for starting and operating a successful Saanen goat farming business. The Saanen goats are highly milk productive, and they will produce their maximum if you can take good care of them. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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