Mastitis Disease

Mastitis disease causes due to a bacteria. This disease can be seen mostly in milk productive cows and goats. The germ of this cattle diseases spreads through the damping house, milking with dirty hand, injury in mammy or udder and coagulation of milk in the mammy. The germ also spreads through the wound places and sore of mammy or udder.


  • The mammy of mastitis disease infected cow become red cored.
  • Mammy and udder get swelled.
  • Mammy become very solid and hot.
  • They feel pain in their mummy.
  • Body temperature get increased highly.
  • Milk become sieved like curd.
  • Sometimes blood may flows with milk.
  • Scathe can be seen inside the mammy.
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  • Mammy and udder of cow get damaged and stop milk production.
  • Yellow colored sediment can be seen in the milk collected from mastitis disease infected cow.
  • Infected animal stops eating.
  • They become very feeble and drowse.

Prevention & Treatment

  • Keep the animal in dry, neat and clean place.
  • Finish the milking process in clean place.
  • Don’t do the milking process with dirty hand. Always wash the hand properly before milking.
  • Make the mammy of cow hot or cold according to the condition.
  • Embrocation with oil is necessary for hard mammy.
  • Make a soft and clean bed for the cow.
  • Contact with the nearest veterinarian if needed and provide proper treatment.

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