Different Types of Goats

Different types of goats are available throughout the world. But all of those goat breeds are not suitable for goat farming business.

Some of those goats are suitable for milk production, some are popular for fiber production, some are famous for highly meat production and some are popular for raising as pets.

You can choose an appropriate goat breed depending on your production type or purpose. Goats produce a wide variety of products such as milk, meat, fiber, skin, manure etc.

If you want to go for commercial milk production, then you have to choose highly milk productive dairy goat breeds.

Different Types of Goats

If you intend for setting up profitable meat production business, then you should chose some world famous meat producing meat breeds. You can also go for skin and fiber production form goats.

Although fiber production from goats is not popular enough like meat or milk production business. However, set your production purpose first and then select an appropriate breed from available different types of goats for your desired production.

Meat Goat Breeds

Various types of meat goats breeds available around the world, and they very popular among the goat producers for their quality meat production.

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Some world famous and most popular meat goat breeds are Boer, Spanish meat goat, Tennessee meat goat (also known as ‘fainting goats’), Kiko, Beetal etc.

You can also consider some other goats breeds, that are developed for specific meat production purpose.

Dairy Goat Breeds

For profitable milk production business, choose some highly milk producing dairy goat breeds. You can choose Nibian, if you live in such areas where climate is hot.

Milk of this goat is quite tasty, because it contains a high amount of fat. Although the milk production of Nubian is not as high as that of some other dairy goat breeds. Alpine goats are among the top milk producers and they come in a variety of shades.

LaManchas are also good milkers, and their milk is very rich. Oberhasli is another good milk producing goat. You can easily recognize a Oberhasli goat by it’s brown coat with black points on the tail, legs, face and ears. Saanen is another highly milk producing dairy goat breed from Switzerland.

Jamunapari (an Indian dairy goat) goats are also good milkers. Along with the above breeds, you can also chose your local dairy goat breeds (if there are any in your country or area) for commercial milk production purpose.

Fiber Production

There are some goat breeds available which are suitable for fiber production. If you want to raise goats for the purpose of producing the fiber content of their hair, then you have to choose some breeds which are very suitable for this purpose.

Usually the Angora, Pygora and Cashmere goats are considered as the best goats for producing fiber. Angoras, a type dating back to biblical times, produce mohair.

An Angora goat can produce over 10 pounds of mohair every year and they are sheared twice a year. They are not hardy animal and have low reproduction rate.

Cashmere goats produce luxurious fiber. On an average, a Cashmere goat can produce about 2.5 pounds of fiber every year and sheared once a year.

On the other hand, Pygora goats are also considered as a best fiber producing goat breed. Although they produce small amount of fiber, but its fleece is very fine. Actually, Pygora is the result of cross between the Angora and Pygmy goat.

Dwarf Goats

If you have limited space for raising goats, then you can consider some dwarf or miniature goat breeds. There are some African dwarf goat breeds available, which are suitable for raising within a limited space.

Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats are such miniature goat breeds. An adult Nigerian dwarf goat ranges in size from 17 inches to 23.6 inches and weights not more than 75 pounds.

Males are larger than the females. They are very friendly, easily handled and come in a wide variety of colors.

Nigerian dwarf is also considered as the best miniature dairy goats. Pygmy goat is another African miniature goat breed (actually originated in West Africa).

They are raised for meat in Africa, but are primarily pets in the United States and some other countries. They are also very friendly in nature and easily handled.

These are the common types of goats around the world. Set your production purpose and choose any from the available goat breeds. Also emphasis on raising your local breeds.

Because the products of your local breeds should have high demand and value in your local market, and they have the ability to produce their maximum if they are raised in the area from where they were developed. Good luck!

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