Best Miniature Dairy Goats

There are numerous world famous dairy goat breeds available around the world. Among those breeds, there are some small sized or miniature dairy goats also available.

If you have limited space for raising goats, but want to have regular fresh milk supply, then consider raising one of the dwarf or smaller sized goat breed.

Best Miniature Dairy Goats

Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats are such miniature dairy goats. Both are considered as best miniature dairy goats.

Both of this two breeds have been used for milk production by the people who love miniature goats or have limited space for raising large sized dairy goats. Although the Pygmy goat usually is not considered as a dairy goat breed.

Milk Production

Nigerian goats are small sized animal but good milkers compared to their body size. On an average a doe can produce around 2 quarts of milk everyday.

On the other hand, a Pygmy doe can produce around 1 to 2 quarts of milk daily on an average.

Milk of both Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goat contain high butterfat which makes their milk taste sweet and comparatively better than other goat’s milk.

Milk of Nigerian dwarf goat usually contain about 6 to 10 percent butterfat. And the butterfat in Pygmy goat’s milk ranges from 4.5 to more than 11 percent.

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Nigerian dwarf goats are called the best miniature dairy goats also for their continuous milk production for long time. Usually a Nigerian dwarf doe can produce milk for more than 305 days.

On the other hand, Pygmy goats produce milk for a shorter period. Pygmy goats produce milk for only 120 to 180 days.

Estrus Cycle

Most of the dairy goats come into estrus in the fall. But both Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goat are capable of being bred year round.

So they can give birth of kids and start milk production (usually this repeating process is called freshening) at different times throughout the year.

If you have numerous Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf goats, then you can ensure a constant milk supply throughout the year, even if you stagger the breeding of several does.

You will need more Pygmy than Nigerian dwarf goats for constant milk supply because usually Pygmy goats have shorter lactation period than Nigerian dwarf goats.


Usually both Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats are shorter and weight less than other dairy goat breeds.

An adult Nigerian dwarf doe weights about 75 pounds and standing about 17 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder.

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And an adult Pygmy doe can weights around 55 pounds and standing around 16 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder.

It’s very easy to handle this two miniature breeds compared to other large sized breeds. Handling this two goat breeds is so easy that children can also manage them.

If you are serious about raising some miniature dairy goats for regular fresh milk supply, then both Nigerian dwarf and African Pygmy goats are your perfect choice and they will definitely suit for your purpose.

Both are gentle, calm, friendly and very easy to handle. They will produce a good amount of creamy milk during their lactation period for your daily family consumption.

Many of the Nigerian goats have blue eyes, come with a variety of colors and are of lighter boned. And Pygmy goats can be of brown, agouti or black colored.

However, coloring or other physical characteristics are not important for milk production. They are famous for their milk production and considered as the best miniature dairy goats.

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