What Kind of Shelter Do Goats Need?

Goats are very hardy animal and they don’t require elaborate shelter. They will do well if you can fulfill their basic housing demands.

Usually most of the goats require shelter for protecting themselves from heavy rain, snow and the sun. They always need a dry place and they are always fine as long as they are dry.

What Kind of Shelter Do Goats Need

A large shed can fulfill their demands. South faced shelter is good for goats, as it provides extra warmth during the cold months. Here we are describing more about ‘what kind of shelter do goats need’.

Dairy Goats

A shelter with good ventilation system and dry environment is very important for keeping your dairy goats healthy and productive. Housing or sheltering for your dairy goats are almost the same like the other goats.

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A little difference is that, you have to make a suitable milking station where you and your goats can easily access. Clean the milking area on a regular basis.

Does & Kids

Kids always require secure and comfortable accommodations, whether you separate the kids soon after birth for hand raising or allow your does to nurse their own babies.

Minimum back eave heights of 4 to 6 feet are adequate for sheds, with the front eave heights of 6 to 8 feet.

You can use both clay and concrete flooring. Kids are vulnerable to predators. So it’s very important to make your goat’s shed and pasture predator-proof. Keep your goats penned in at night.

Make a strong fencing around the pen, so that it can keep the kids in and predators out. Woven wire is a good choice for this purpose. You can also add some guard animals, such as dog, donkey or or llama.

Dwarf Goats

If you are raising any dwarf goat breeds, then you don’t have to make large sized shelters. As they are smaller in size, so small sized shelters will become perfect for them. African Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf are such miniature goat breed.

Providing about 8 to 10 square feet space for each dwarf goat will be enough for them. Keep them inside the pen, for safety purpose. Keep some materials (such as old picnic tables or similar items) inside their pen to climb and play on.

Cold Climates

In case of raising goats in excessive cold climate, your goats will need special type of enclosed housing. In such climate, make four sided and draft free shelters for your goats. Sheds with doors are also suitable for this purpose.

Try to avoid soiled bedding in excessive cold areas. Avoid wooden flooring in barns or enclosed sheds, as the wood traps urine and odors. Use solid concrete bedding. Add some straw and wood shavings to make the bedding comfortable and warm.

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