Can Goats Eat Pineapple?

Can goats eat pineapple? Is pineapple good for goats? Is pineapple safe for goats? These are the common questions goat keepers usually ask, especially the beginner goat keepers. If you don’t want to read further, the straight answer is ‘YES‘. Goats may eat all parts of the pineapple safely.

Goats are actually renowned for eating everything that they can get their teeth into. And they have a high tolerance to toxins, which makes them hardier than most other domestic farm animals. But can goats eat pineapple?

Pineapples are definitely one of the most popular and famous food and also among the most delicious tropical fruits. It is a very common fruit and available throughout the world.

Pineapples are great in taste, massive, sweet and are highly adaptable to many recipes in various cuisines throughout the world. And there is actually no doubt that the pineapple has truly gone global, and their trade is very common today.

Can Goats Eat Pineapple?

Yes, your goats may eat all parts of the pineapple safely. They can even eat the leafy stem and tough skin of the pineapple. But remember, pineapple is extremely sugary, and your goats should only have a little bit every once in a while as a treat. Don’t give them in large quantity all on a sudden.

Pineapples are a great source of vitamins and minerals, they are very healthy for the goats. But once again, feeding your goats too much pineapples is not good for goats. So, you should strictly limit their intake of this great fruit.

Pineapple Health Benefits For Goats

Not only for humans, pineapples are also very good for the goats. Here we are trying to list the top health benefits of pineapple for goats.


Carbohydrates are the major energy source for goats. Your goats can act lethargic and display symptoms of weakness, if they do not consume enough carbohydrates. Fortunately, pineapples are good source of carbohydrates.

Rich In Nutrients

Pineapple is actually beloved for it’s sublime, sweet and unique taste and flavor. And along with all these aspects, they are quite healthy for goats. They are rich in many essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B

Pineapples are especially rich in vitamin B, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. Vitamin B is very essential for good health of your goats.

Vitamin C

Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C. And your goats definitely need good amount of vitamin C in their diet for good health.


There is a trace amount of choline present in pineapple.

Rich Source of Minerals

Pineapple is also a rich source of different minerals. It contains a decent amount of potassium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. And it also contains a little bit of calcium and iron. It’s best attribute among minerals is ‘manganese’ which it has in abundance. And all these minerals are essential for good health of your goat.

Good Amount of Folate

Pineapple also contains a very good amount of folate. Folate is useful for the creation and maintenance of DNA in the goat’s body.

Good Source of Water

A great proportion of pineapple is water (about 86% if it’s weight). So, it is the perfect sweet treat to give your goats on hot days. And doing this will help them to stay hydrated and stave off heat stress.

How To Feed Pineapples To Your Goats

You can feed all the parts of a pineapple to your goats. Your goats will love eating pineapple, the whole thing, crown, skin and all. But the goats can’t open their mouths very wide and it’s very difficult for the goats to break into the pineapple.

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So, slice the pineapple into quarters and then into pieces and then give them to your goats. Or even, you can chop a whole pineapple into thin wedges that they can easily bite into.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

There are lots of questions goat keepers ask. Here we are trying to shortly answer some of those questions. Hope you will find yours!

  1. Is pineapple healthy for goats?

Yes, pineapple is healthy for goats, but only as a treat. As pineapple is high in sugar content, so it should be fed in moderation. It is best to feed pineapple to your goats no more than once per week.

  1. Is pineapple harmful for goat anyway?

No! Pineapple is definitely good for your goats to eat as a treat, but should not be used as a primary food source.

  1. Can goats eat the skin of a pineapple?

Yes! The skin of a pineapple is also fine for the goats to eat. But you should feed the skin to your goats only in small amounts, because of it’s high sugar content.

  1. Are pineapple leaves safe for goats?

Pineapple leaves is not a good source of nutrients to make it appropriate for feeding your goats. It also contains small amount of calcium and phosphorus. Although, your goats can have the leaves in small amount.

  1. Is the pineapple stem safe for goats?

Yes, the stem of pineapple is safe for goats to eat. It contains small amounts of calcium and vitamin C. And all these are beneficial to a goat’s diet. The stem also contains high amount of sugar, so feed your goats only in small amounts.

  1. Can goats eat pineapple core?

Yes! But the core of the pineapple has no nutrients. So, it will be better if you don’t feed core to your goats.

  1. Can the goats eat pineapple tops?

The tops of a pineapple contain small amount of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. They are also high in sugar. So, only feed them in moderation.

  1. Can goats eat pineapple peels?

Yes! Your goats can eat pineapple peels without any problem. But, don’t feed the peels to the kids, because the peels contain spikes that can be harmful for the goats.

  1. Is unripe pineapple safe for goats?

No! Unripe pineapples have acidic chemical compounds that can be harmful to your goats. So, it is better to offer them only ripe pineapples.

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  1. Can goats eat canned pineapple?

Yes! It is safe to feed the goats with canned pineapple chunks or rings with no added sugar.

  1. Is pineapple safe for goat kids?

No! You need to be more careful about what you feed your goats, especially if you have kids in your flock. Unlike adult goats, their younger ones have a fragile digestive system that is more easily prone to harm or damage. You should let them feed on their mother’s milk exclusively, until a baby goat is a month old. You can start feeding them hay, grains slowly but steadily, once they are more than 1 month of age. After their 3-4 months of age, you can start feeding them fruits, vegetables or any other treat.

  1. Are pineapple rinds good for goats?

Yes! You can safely feed your goats with pineapple rinds. In fact, your goats will love to eat pineapple rinds.

  1. Why is overeating pineapple harmful to goats?

Goats are ruminants and receive their nutrition from the process of fermentation. Sugar is said to accelerate the process of fermentation, which can lead to bloating in goats. Bloating is a painful condition in which even a slight movement can result in utmost agony for your goats. Pineapple is high in sugar, and feeding your goats with excess amount of pineapple will cause bloating and unpleasant stomach. So, feed them pineapple in moderation.

  1. Apart from pineapple, what are the other fruits and vegetables my goat can eat?

Some fruits and vegetables that you can safely feed your goats are apples, bananas, oranges, pears, plums, watermelons, peaches, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, pumpkin, spinach, squash etc.

  1. Can goats eat pineapple crowns?

Yes! Your goats can safely eat pineapple crowns. In fact, your goats will love to eat the crisp, crunchy leaves of the pineapples crown, or stem. Don’t worry, it is not harmful for them.

  1. Can goats eat cooked pineapple?

Yes! Cooked pineapples are safe for your goats. But never feed your goats with pineapple that has been prepared with harmful ingredients. And beware of pesticide on grocery-bought pineapple.

  1. How often can goats have pineapple?

Pineapple is a very good treat for your goats. Don’t make it a part of your goat’s regular diet. Therefore, you should only give your goats a little bit of pineapple. Maybe one small serving once a week.

Goats generally enjoy eating pineapple and other fruits as a part of their regular diet. The only thing you need to be careful about with your goat’s consumption of pineapple is that, you should ensure that they are not taking pineapples too much. Ensure you only feed pineapple to your goats on occasion as a treat rather than as their main food.

Hope you have find your answer about ‘can goats eat pineapple’. You can safely feed your goats with pineapples as a treat every now and then. All parts of a pineapple are edible for the goats and they are totally safe. But remember, pineapple contains high amount of sugar. And too much sugar can lead to bloating in goats. So, it is best to make this treats rare in their regular diet. Hope this guide has helped you! Ask freely if you have more questions. Good luck & may God bless you!

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