Angora Goat Farming: Start Business for High Profits

Commercial Angora goat farming for fiber production is popular in some areas. The Angora is actually a fiber goat breed and it is raised for it’s hair production.

The hair is of very good quality and it has very good demand and value in the market. So commercial Angora goat farming can be a profitable business.

Along with fiber production, the Angora goat is also good for milk, meat and skin production (but not commercially profitable). The Angora goats are smaller sized animals, so they generally require pretty less care and management.

Today, the Angora goats are available in almost all countries around the world. Although the breed was originated from a district named ‘Angora’ near the Himalayan of Asia.

How to Start Angora Goat Farming

Starting Angora goat farming business is easy and just like starting a goat farming business with any other domestic goat breeds. Commercial Angora goat farming business can be very profitable. Here we are describing all about starting Angora goat farming business.

Purchase Goats

First of all, purchase good quality goats from any of your nearest livestock market or existing Angora goat farms. Angora goats are available throughout the world, so you will probably able to easily purchase the animals. You can also search your local online classified websites.

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Good housing or shelter facilities are must for Angora goat farming business. As the Angora goat is a fiber breed, so the animals generally require dry and clean shelter or living space for keeping their body clean. They don’t like wet shelter or wet environment. And wet conditions can also make the animals vulnerable to diseases or illness.

As a smaller sized breed, generally around 10 square feet space will be enough per goat. But if you raise the goats in stall fed goat farming system, then you will need nearly double playing space than housing space.

Ensure good ventilation system inside the house. And make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house.


Just like raising any other goat breeds, you will need to provide your goats with enough nutritious feeds for keeping them healthy and productive. Because, good and nutritious foods ensure good growth and health of the animals.

Like many other domestic goat breeds, the Angora goats also love grazing and eating green grasses, corns, plants, leaves etc. They also commonly eat lots of roughage which include weeds, leaves, bark, woody shrubs etc.

Ideal food of the Angora goats should conclude about 20 % protein. And adequate nutrients are very essential for keeping your goats healthy and productive.

Along with providing adequate nutritious feeds, you also have to ensure supply of enough clean and fresh water for your goats as per their demand.


Breeding the Angora goats is very easy, because these goats are naturally good breeders. Natural breeding is generally practiced for Angora goat farming instead of artificial breeding. Generally a healthy buck will be able to breed about 30-35 does.


The Angora goats generally require less caring and other management. As the goats are smaller in size, so you can easily take care of them. Make a schedule and de-worm and vaccinate your goats according to the schedule. Take extra care of the breeding bucks, pregnant and nursing does.

Tips for Angora Goat Farming

As a fiber goat breed, the Angora goats generally require additional caring. And it’s very easy to take care of them. Here we are describing about the basic caring tips for Angora goat farming.

  • As a fiber goat breed, body of the Angora goat should be clean and fresh. So, wash the body of your goats frequently with washing detergent or soap.
  • Keep the bucks and does separated.
  • Always try to purchase good quality and disease free goats.
  • Provide them good quality food for keeping them healthy and productive.
  • Never feed your goats with rotten or dirty food.
  • Always try to keep the house dry and clean.
  • De-worm and vaccinate your goats timely.
  • Always try to provide them with adequate clean and fresh water as per their demand.

These are the common ways of Angora goat farming. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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