How To Attract A Goat When it Escape: Best 12 Tips

Do you know how to attract a goat when it escape? If no, read this guide. Here we are describing more about how to attract a goat when it escape.

Goats are browsers in nature and very intelligent animals. They love to eat all types of greens, leaves, plants etc. So sometimes they might go outside your farm for searching foods.

And sometimes it might seems very difficult for you to catch an escaped goats, especially if you don’t know how to attract a goat.

But you can easily catch a goat if it become very friendly and well behaved. But most of the goats are smart enough and it’s become very difficult to catch them, especially if they understand that you are trying to catch them.

Some goats don’t like this and they won’t come to you. Some goat become very tame and some goats will never become fully tractable.

Wild or semi-wild goats are such animals and they will never become entirely tractable. And it’s really very difficult to catch this type of goats.

Although there are some ways that can help you to tame this type of skittish behavior and bring this type of suspicious goats close enough to manage or handle. Read more about how to attract a goat when it escape from your farm.

Handle the goats from the beginning, after their birth. Take good care of them, spend some time, handle them often with gentleness and try to teach them to trust you.

Doing this is very important, because a goat who doesn’t trust you and your motives will not come closer to you.

Spending time for building trust from the beginning will help you to easily handle your herd and doing this absolutely worth the effort. Do some goat caring tasks regularly such as grooming, trimming etc.

This will help to make good relationship with your animals. If you raise any aggressive goat breeds, ensure good fencing around the farm so that they can’t escape.

Goat Behavior

Goats always search for foods. So you can influence their behavior by offering them alluring foods. For catching an escaped goat offer them various types of attractive foods.

You can offer them corn chips, raisins, attractive grasses or leaves, oatmeal cookie or small pieces of dried apple or any other fruits. Allow the goat come closer to you and take the food.

Don’t catch the goat suddenly when it comes closer for taking the food. Wait a few minutes until it allows you to touch it’s body without running away.

Keep continue feeding him/her. Soon he/she will consider you as a friend and allow you to touch his/her body and it may begin to follow you around, whenever you enter your farm.

Once the goat is fully following you, hold it for sometime and return to his/her place. You have to do the entire process gently so that the goats don’t fear you as an enemy.

Thus you can make good relationship with your goats and catch them easily if they escape from the farm.

How To Attract A Goat When it Escape

Here we are describing more about the ways of attracting a goat when it escape from your farm.

Attracting Kids

Kids are innocent and become very playful. You can easily catch a kid by offering it something interesting to play or eat. Kids become hungry frequently.

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So they will come to their mother when they become hungry. Keep their moms in a secure place and catch the kids when they come to their mom.

Attracting Bucks

Attracting a buck is very difficult. Usually bucks become aggressive and rude in nature. They don’t want to accept your domination over them. They want to do almost everything whatever they wish.

They always think about sex and love to spend time with females. You can take this female company advantage for attracting them.

Keep some females in a place and wait until the buck come to them. You can also try offering them attractive foods.

Attracting Does

Does are not aggressive like the bucks. Usually they become calm, quiet and friendly in nature. You can catch an escaped doe by offering it attractive foods or something else.

You can also take advantages of their kids. They love their kids and will come closer to them. Catch them when they come closer to their kids.

Attracting Wethers

Castrated male goats are called wethers. They are not sexually developed and become very gentle compared to the does and bucks.

Among the goats, attracting the escaped wethers are very easy. Usually most of the wethers retain many of the innocent baby behaviors of kids.

Kids are more trusting and trust humans more than the adults. Wethers usually keep retain this trust for rest of their lives and become very affectionate, loyal and sweet tempered.

In most cases, they will come closer to you when you call them. So it’s usually very easy to catch an escaped wether.

Train to Grain

Another good way to attract your goats is to train them to come closer when you feed them any grain ration. Serve your goats the grain ration at the same time daily with the same bucket.

Most of the goats love grain and they will come closer to you when they will see you caring a bucket full with grains.

Although excessive grain has a bad impact to your goat’s health. So always provide them a certain amount of grain daily. Usually pregnant goats and nursing mothers need regular grain ration.

But it is not a must for the healthy males and immature goats. So be very careful and never feed them too much grain.

Keep Your Goats Curious

Keeping your goats curious is a good idea to catch an escaped one. You can use innate sense of curiosity of your goats for attracting them. Goats are nosey and they poke their noses between hammers and nails for watching your activities.

They peek over the fences and try to taste almost everything that seems interesting to them. And eat almost everything that they find edible in front of them.

You can take advantage of this natural curiosity of your goat for attracting or catching them. Keep some attractive foods or another things inside the stall or isolation area where you want to confine them.

This will attract your goats and they will come to see what you have done and when they will come, you can confine them inside.

Tips For Attracting an Escaped Goat

Attracting an escaped goat can be a challenging task, but here are some tips that may help:

  1. Use food as a lure: Goats love to eat, so placing some of their favorite treats, such as hay, grain, or fresh vegetables, in a visible location can entice them to come out of hiding.
  2. Call out to the goat: Goats are social animals and may respond to familiar voices. Try calling out to the goat using its name or making familiar sounds to get its attention.
  3. Use a goat call: If you have experience with goats, you may know how to make a goat call that can grab their attention. If not, there are many videos online that can teach you how to do this.
  4. Set up a trap: If the goat is not responding to food or calls, setting up a trap may be necessary. You can use a simple corral or a more advanced trap with a gate and a trip mechanism.
  5. Use a familiar scent: Goats have a keen sense of smell, and they may be attracted to a familiar scent. You can try using an article of clothing or a piece of fabric that has your scent on it and leaving it near the goat’s hiding spot.
  6. Use a goat decoy: If you have access to a calm, friendly goat, you can use it as a decoy to attract the escaped goat. Place the decoy in a visible location and monitor the area to see if the escaped goat comes out to investigate.
  7. Use a trail of treats: If the goat is not responding to food in a single location, try leaving a trail of treats leading to a more open area where the goat can be seen and easily caught.
  8. Use a flashlight at night: If the goat escaped at night, it may be hiding in the dark. Use a flashlight to search for the goat in the surrounding area, and if you spot it, try using food or calling out to it to get its attention.
  9. Use a familiar sound: If the goat is familiar with a particular sound, such as a whistle or a bell, you can use that sound to attract its attention. Try making the sound repeatedly and see if the goat responds.
  10. Use other animals: Goats are social animals and may be more likely to come out of hiding if they hear or see other animals, such as sheep or cows. If you have other animals, bring them to the area where the goat was last seen to see if it attracts the escaped goat.
  11. Ask for help: If you are having trouble attracting the escaped goat on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help from neighbors or friends who may have experience with goats. They may have additional tips or be able to provide assistance in catching the goat.
  12. Be patient: Goats can be stubborn and may take some time to come out of hiding. Be patient and continue to monitor the area until the goat is found.

Remember that attracting an escaped goat can take time and patience. It’s important to remain calm and avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that could scare the goat away. With persistence and the right techniques, you should be able to successfully attract the escaped goat and bring it back home.

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