Rui Fish Farming

Rohu or rui is an important freshwater carp fish species. Rui fish farming is very common and popular in India, Bangladesh and some other South Asian countries where it is available.

Rui fish is actually the most important among the 3 Indian major carp fishes used in polyculture system. Other two species are Catla and Mrigal.

Rui fish farming is popular in India (especially the northern and central India), Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar.

It has also been introduced in many other countries such as China, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and also in some countries of Africa.

Stocking only one species is not recommended for rui fish farming business. For commercial production, you should also stock 2 other major carp fish species namely Catla and Mrigal.

Rui fish consume foods from the mid level of the water. Whereas Catla and Mrigal fish consume food from upper and lower level respectively.

How to Start Rui Fish Farming

Among all the carp fish species, rui fish is very popular. Great taste and good market demand are the main reasons of it’s such high popularity.

You can expect good profits from rui fish farming business if you do it commercially. However, here we are describing more information about commercial rui fish farming business.

Site Selection

First of all, you have to select a very good site for starting rui fish farming business. Although you can start this business if you already have ponds.

Noise and pollution free sites are proffered for starting and doing rui fish farming business. Also consider the availability of full sun while selecting the site.

Pond Size and Construction

After selecting a good site, you have to construct a pond. Earthen or natural ponds are recommended for rui fish farming business. You can use either manual labor or machine for constructing your pond.

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The size and shape of the pond can be any depending on the type of your land. But we recommend starting rui fish farming business in an one acre pond. Although, you can stock fish in any other sized ponds, if you already have one.

Pond Preparation

Before filling the pond with water and stocking fish into it, you have to prepare the pond perfectly. Apply lime and both organic and inorganic fertilizers into the pond and leave it for several days. This will sterile the pond and start natural food production.

The application doases of lime, organic and inorganic fertilizers all depends on the farming intensity and inherent productivity. Please contact with any of your nearest aquaculture specialist or any fisheries institute for more information regarding this.

Seed Collection

Always try to collect seed from the trusted sources. There are many breeding centers or hatcheries available which provide rui fish seed. You should collect the seeds from any of your nearest hatcheries.

Please contact your nearest agriculture extension office or any fisheries institute for having more information about available rui fish breeding hatcheries in your area.

Rearing the Fingerlings

You can stock up to 0.1 to 0.2 million fry per acre for rearing the fingerlings in nursery pond. The fries are raised in this pond for a certain period of time or until they reach about 10 grams body weight. Then you can stock them to the main growing pond.

It is recommended to stock rui fish with other carp fish species such as catla and mrigal. Rui, catla and mrigal ratio can be 30:30:40.

Stocking in the Main Pond

Stock the fingerlings weighting up to 10 grams in the main pond. You can stock a total of 25,000 to 30,000 fish in an one acre pond. Please consult with an aquaculture specialist in your area for better recommendation.

Feeding the Fish

Providing the fish with adequate feeds is very important for commercial rui fish farming business. Along with natural feeds, you have to provide supplementary fish feeds for better growth of your fish. Ready-made commercial fish feeds are available which are considered good for rui fish and you can feed your fish with such feeds.

Total amount of feeds to be given per day depends on the number of fish stocked in the pond. Generally rui fish grows well if you can feed them with 5 percent food daily of their total body weight. Don’t provide the fish with all feeds at once. Rather feed them multiple times in a day.


Rui fish grows pretty faster, and you can expect good growth if you feed your fish properly. And you can expect to start harvesting when the fish reach your desired size. Generally, rui fish becomes ready for harvesting within one year when they reach around 1 kg body weight.

You can harvest the fish from pond by using the fishing nets. Harvesting can be done based on the size of the fish and also depending on the market demand and price.


You should send the fishes to the market immediately after harvesting. Rui fish is very tasty and nutritious, and it has very good demand in the market. It is used in many occasions. Rui fish curry and fry both are very popular.

These are the common steps for commercial rui fish farming business. Hope you have learned a lot from this guide. Good luck & may God bless you!

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