Natural Fish Feed

Water is the medium for surviving fish. There are many feeds available in the water which grows naturally. And this types of feed called natural fish feed.

Production of natural feed in water depends on the normal fertility of soil and water of a pond or stream. Production of natural fish feed can also be increased in water by using fertilizer.

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However, a short description of different types of natural fish feed are described below.


Many tiny microscopic plants and animals grows in the water which are called plankton.

This microscopic plants are called phytoplankton and animal is knows as zooplankton. Chlorella, anabaena, diatom cyclotella, microcystis, spirogyra, ulothrix etc. are phytoplankton.

And some zooplankton are cyclops, daphnia, bosmina, diaptomus, moina, vorticella etc.

  • Aquatic plants and insects
  • Tiny moss
  • Rotted body parts of animal and plants
  • Basal organic substance of pond
  • Various types of grasses

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  1. This is quite educative and motivating to take up the fish farming BUSSINESS with all seriousness.
    I am presently a bigginer with earthen ponds and wish to expand.
    Kindly help me with more Tips on sources and access to funding interventions, grants and loans.

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