Pond Preparation For Minnow

Pond preparation for minnow means ensuring all elements for growth and surviving of minnow. The steps of preparing pond for minnow are listed below.
Drying the Pond
Making the pond dry is a must for rearing minnow. The main advantages of making a pond dry are listed here.
  • The basal weed can be easily removed.
  • It become very easy to eradicate cannibalistic fishes and other harmful animals.
  • Harmful insects, parasites and germs of diseases die.
  • Bank construction and removing clay become very easy.
Cleaning Weed
Aquatic weed hampers the movement and natural fish feed production. So, keep the pond weed free always. It is very difficult to remove tiny sized moss from pond. Use copper sulphate to remove those from pond. Use this chemical at the rate of 0.8-1.0 kg per acres.
Removing Cannibalistic Fishes and Animals
Shol, gozar, taki, boal etc. are cannibalistic fish. And some fishes like mola, pumpti etc. consume the fish feed from the pond. So, remove all types of cannibalistic and non cultivated fish from the pond. This types of cannibalistic and non cultivated fish can be removed from the pond by using poison. It will be better to use poisons like phostoxin and rotenone for removing cannibalistic fish and animals from the pond. Use 300-350 phostoxin tablet per acres. Apply this medicine at noon when sunlight become highest. Sepsis period of phostoxin poison is about 2-3 days. On the other hand rotenone is also an effective poison for removing cannibalistic fish and animals from pond. Use 15-16kg rotenone per acre in little water. All fishes in the pond will die within 1-2 hours of applying rotenone. Sepsis period of rotenone is about 5-7 days. Don’t stock minnow in the pond until the sepsis period exceeded.

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