Gozar Fish

Gozar fish is a freshwater fish. This fish can be found in some Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Thailand and some other countries. Canal, swamp, pond, small rivers etc are their main living place.

This fish species is also known by various other names in various places. It is also known as gozal fish, gazli, channa marulius etc. Physical characteristics, classification, food habit and breeding of gozar fish are described below.

Classification of Gozar Fish

The scientific classification of this fish are listed beneath.

  • Kingdom         :       Animalia
  • Phylum           :       Chordata
  • Class              :       Actinopterygii
  • Order              :       Perciformes
  • Family            :       Channidae
  • Genus              :       Channa
  • Species            :       C. marulius
  • Scientific Name         :       Channa marulius

Physical Characteristics

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The physical characteristics of gozar fish are described below.

  • The whole body of this fish is covered with scales.
  • Scales are big sized and globular.
  • Head is slightly prostrate.
  • Front side of head is angled like snake.
  • Many teeth in their jaw.
  • Backside is gray and green mixed colored.
  • Chest is slightly reddish.
  • Many orange colored spots available in the body of immature fish.
  • White spots in their body.
  • There are many spots from their eyes to middle of tail.
  • Caudal fin is undivided and looks like sickle.


Gozars are cannibalistic in nature. They are carnivorous fish species. Eat zooplankton while baby. Adult fish eat snail, small fish, frogs, insects etc. Sometimes they also eat their own species.


The breeding period of gozar fish is rainy season. Breeding process of this fish is same as the shol fish. See shol fish for details.

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