How To Show A Goat?

Do you know the procedures of showing a goat? Before showing, you have to prepare your goat perfectly. Know all the rules applicable to your show, if you are going to show your goat.

Usually specific show rules are applied, depending on the show type and it can vary from one show to another. Generally in almost all type of shows, a goat’s cleanliness, physical appearance, and your showmanship, neatness and attire are considered by the judges.

How To Show A Goat

You and your goat have to do a lot of work at home, before entering the show ring. Read more about how to show a goat.


Find out and try to learn more about what the show guidelines and breed standards require, before starting clipping your goat for the show. Trim the hair around the tail bottom, inside the ears, around the hooves and any uneven bits around the abdomen.

Ensure that, the beard of your goat is tidy. If body clipping is included in the standard, do it prior to the show (at least two weeks prior to the show). Clipping is an art and you have to do it very carefully. Call an expert if you can’t perform clipping perfectly.

You can also perform clipping of your show goat by yourselves, even if you have not mastered it. Because you will get next two weeks, and clipper marks will fade or disappear within those days before the show day.


Grooming your goat on a regular basis is very important for show goats. You will need various grooming equipment and supplies for getting your goat for the show. Grooming supplies of a goat includes brushes, clippers, hoof trimmers, sponges, hair dryer, livestock soap, towels etc.

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For grooming and trimming your show goat perfectly, you will also need a fitting stand. But fitting stand is quiet expensive. You can borrow or purchase a second-hand fitting stand from a former student (if he/she have any). Read more about grooming a goat.


Show goats require frequent washing than your other meat or dairy goats. They need to have a good bath before the show. Wash your show goat a week prior to the show.

Doing this will return natural oils to the coat. Clean the place, where you keep your goat, so that the coat looks clean and oily.

If the place is not clean enough, then wash your goat one or two day before the show date. Blow the goat dry with a hair dryer or livestock dryer after washing it.

Or thoroughly towel dry the goat. Have a chamois cloth and mild soap on hand to perform any spot cleaning at the show grounds.


Before starting training process, it’s very important for both you and your goat to know each other perfectly. And it’s also important to make a good and friendly relationship between you and your goat.

After making good friendship, the basic training can begin. Train your goat to lead from a collar or halter. Pick up the hooves of your goat regularly, so a judge can easily inspect the feet during the show.

It will be better if you trim the goat’s hooves a week before the show day.

Learn more about properly squaring up your goat for judging. Try to practice frequent short sessions on a regular basis. Fewer but long sessions are not effective.

So try practicing frequent short sessions rather than fewer long sessions. After practicing on a regular basis for a few days, both you and your goat will find this as a fun activity.

When your goat performs correctly, praise it. You can praise the goat by giving it a big hug, something very interesting to eat or by kissing. 🙂

In The Ring

When showing your goat, try to show it’s best advantages. Relax and concentrate while showing. Both you and your goat have already practiced a lot at home, so both of you can get the show right together.

When the show starts, square the legs closest to the judge first and then place the hind legs, keep the body and neck of your goat straight, keep the head high and make a proud position by using the collar or halter.

You are always in standing position (not squatting or kneeling). Judges usually test the goat for 10 minutes or sometimes longer.

Stay aware of where the show judges are. For both you and your goat, patience is virtuous. Your goat will stay calm, if you always stay calm.

Your goat will think something is wrong, if it senses that you are nervous. If you and your goat worked hard and practiced a lot, then both of you will be fine during the show.

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