Jakharana Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

The Jakharana goat (also spelled Jakrana or Jakhrana) is a dairy goat breed which is primarily raised for milk production. It is an important dairy goat breed of the semi-arid tract of the Rajasthan, India. The breed was named after the name of the village which is native place of these goats. The Jakharana goat is spread over a limited area and the total population size is small. These goats in their pure form are concentrated mainly in surrounding area of Jakhrana village of Behror tehsil of Alwar district in Rajasthan state.

Actually, the habitat of this breed is a small hamlet in the Aravali hill ranges. Today this goat breed is primarily used for milk production. But the Jakharana goat is also good for meat production, and their skins are popular with the tanning industry. Read more information about this goat breed below.

Jakharana Goat Characteristics

Jakharana goat is a medium to large sized animal with compact body. It is quite similar to the Beetal goat in appearance, but the Jakharana goats are longer. Their coat color is black with white spots on the ears and muzzle. Their face is straight with raised forehead. They have short and lustrous hair on their coat. Both bucks and does usually have small horns. Their horns are short, stumpy directed upward and backward. The Jakharana goats have leafy and dropping ears. And their ears are medium in length. Udder of the Jakharana does is large in size and well developed with long conical teats. Average body height of the adult buck is 84 cm, and 77 cm for the does. The bucks on average weight about 55 kg. And average body weight of the does is about 45 kg. Photo and info from Animal Genetics Training Resource.
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The Jakharana goat is a dairy goat breed. It is an important dairy goat breed of semi-arid tract of the Rajasthan State of India.

Special Considerations

Jakharana goats are beautiful animals. The does are good milk producers, and they are mainly used for milk production. Average daily milk production of the Jakharana goat varies from 2-3 kg for a lactation period of about 180-200 days. They are prolific breed of goat. Kidding is single in most cases, but twins are common in 40 percent cases (triplets are not uncommon). Review full breed profile of the Jakharana goat in the following table.

Jakharana Goat | Breed Profile

Breed Name Jakharana
Other Names Jakrana or Jakhrana
Breed Purpose Milk
Breed Size Medium to Large


Buck About 55 kg
Doe About 45 kg
Horns Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Black
Good for Stall Fed Not Sure
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin India

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