Layer Poultry Housing

A good layer poultry housing system keeps the bird safe, healthy and productive. Generally the poultry birds which are popular and raised for egg production are simply known as layer poultry.

They become very highly egg productive. But to get better egg production from them, they need proper care and management.

Food and housing are two main factor of successful poultry farming business. Housing is also very important for raising layer poultry commercially and in small scale.

Layer Poultry Housing System

A good poultry house protects the poultry birds from adverse weather condition, injury and predators. Poultry birds require a draft free and dry house.

Proper ventilation system and temperature management is needed. And for proper ventilation, you can keep big sized windows or doors, which can be opened when necessary.

You can raise layer poultry in both deep litter and cage system. Deep litter poultry farming system is usually used for free range or organic poultry farming systems.

But cage system is suitable for commercial production purpose. In cage system, poultry producers used to keep thousands of birds under a single shed.

If you want to raise your birds in cage system, then build a large house compared to the length, wide and height of broiler house.

Use dropped ceiling system. This will improve ventilation and reduce heating costs. Layer house needs to be slightly higher than the broiler house.

Dropped ceilings also allow the installation of ceiling insulation to reduce heat gain during hot weather/seasons and heat loss during cold climates/weather.

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Adequate temperature management system is also a very important factor for layer poultry housing. Poultry birds are very sensitive to temperature.

Use proper cooling and heating system inside the house. Be very careful about temperature management while raising layer chicks. Because your chicks may die due to sudden temperature change.

Good ventilation system delivers fresh air inside the house, and removes excess heat, moisture and undesirable gases from the house.

For making a proper ventilation system, you will require fans, evaporative cooling system, air inlets and controller.

Ventilation systems are of two types. Cold weather ventilation system and hot weather ventilation system.

For cold weather ventilation system, you will need fans, air inlets etc. to keep your birds and the layer poultry housing environment hot. And for hot weather ventilation system, you can use tunnel ventilation system.

Lighting play a very important role for the layer poultry birds. They require a certain lighting period for laying maximum number of eggs.

Usually layer poultry birds require about 16 hours of lighting and 8 hours of darkness period for maximum egg production. Ensure presence of 16 hours of lighting period depending on your location and weather condition.

Before building house for layer poultry farming business, try to keep in mind the following aspect.

  • Build the poultry house in a quit and calm place.
  • It should be located in well drained areas, which will help to prevent prolonged dampness, water saturation of the floor of house and outside runs.
  • It will be better, if the front side, windows and outside runs faced to south. This method allows the sun to warm and dry the house and soil.
  • Provide sufficient space required per bird which helps to minimize the humidity level in the house.
  • Make a fence around the poultry house to prevent the bird from predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about layer poultry housing. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about the housing system for layer poultry birds. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What is the best housing system for layers?

Good shelter with access to pasture is considered best for the layer poultry. But for commercial production, cage system is best.

What is layer house for chickens?

A layer house or laying house in poultry farming business is a business or enclosure for maintaining laying flocks of domestic fowl (generally chickens) containing nests, lighting, roosting space, waterers and feed troughs.

How do you build a chicken house for layers?

Building a house for your laying chickens is relatively easy. The floor of the house can either be made of concrete or be filled with sand. Place wire netting under and around a floor made of sand in order to keep rats and other predators out.

What is the best housing for chickens?

Cage housing system is considered as the best housing system for raising the layer chickens commercially.

Do layer chickens need light at night inside their house?

Yes, having lighting system inside the house is a good idea. But remember, chickens require 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day in order to maintain their immune system and overall good health. Your chickens need absolute darkness to sleep and recharge.

What is the ideal height of poultry house?

6-7 feet height from the floor is considered as ideal.

What are the basic requirements for a poultry house?

4 basic requirements of a poultry house are space, light, ventilation and protection from weather and predators.

How much space do you need for 10000 chickens?

Having around 20000 square feet housing space for your 10000 laying chickens will be very good.

How are layer hens housed?

The layer hens are kept either in floor system or in cage system.

How much space is needed for 1000 layer chickens?

Having around or up to 2000 square feet housing space for your 1000 laying chickens will be very good.

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