Importance Of Domestic Birds

Importance of domestic bird can not be described shortly. There are thousands of bird species available around the world and most of them are very important in many different aspects.

All of those are not domestic bird and not suitable for commercial production. From those birds, people are raising a few for their meat, eggs, features etc. And those few birds are called domestic birds.

Domestic birds can be described as “the birds which are raised by humans for the purpose of eggs, meat and feather production”. Some birds are also raised as pets and just as a hobby.

Importance of Domestic Bird

People are raising various types of domestic birds from the ancient time and those birds are also continuously supporting us financially by producing eggs and meat.

Among the all the domestic birds ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, quails, turkeys, ostriches etc. are most popular throughout the world. Domestic birds also have an important role in improvement of human existence and welfare.

From the ancient time, they are helping humans through many ways. We get numerous necessary things and food from domestic birds. In a word, domestic birds are very important and useful to us. The main importance of domestic birds are described below.

Food Source

For maintaining good health, we need nutritious foods such as eggs and meat. We get eggs and meat from domestic bird. We can get sufficient nutrition, vitamins and minerals from domestic bird’s eggs and meat.

Bird’s eggs and meat are great source of food and very tasty and healthy. We can make various types of delicious foods such as cake and pudding with egg. Commercial layer poultry farming for eggs and broiler poultry farming for meat are also very profitable business.


By raising various types of domestic birds, we can sell their meat and eggs. And it can bring a huge income. By establishing commercial poultry farm, we can earn handsome income within a short period.

Even housewives and children can also raise some birds, and add some cash to the total family income.

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Eradicating Unemployment Problem

Rearing domestic poultry birds can be a great source of employment. Unemployed youth people can take loan from bank (easy terms and conditions) and start commercial poultry farming business. This also can be a great income source for the educated unemployed people.

Industrial Equipment

Many daily used commodities are made with the feather of poultry birds. We can make pillow, toys, sofa, cap, cloth etc. by using feathers of various poultry birds.

And this type of products are very popular and have huge value in the local and international market. Feathers of ostrich and peacock are very precious.

Waste Materiel

Blood, bowel, closet etc. are great food for fish. We also can feed this to the animal through recycling it. For example, you can use poultry innards for catfish farming business.


Closet of poultry birds is a very useful and high quality manure for crop cultivation. Poultry manure increases the fertility of soil and it directly increase crop production.


Poultry birds eat waste foods around us and help to keep our environment neat and clean. They also eat various types of insects such as mosquito, lice etc. and help us from them.

Economic Freedom

By raising poultry birds successfully in commercial method, we can earn a lot of cash. Which will give us economic freedom and make us self confident. Self economic freedom is very important for every nation.


Poultry bird rearing is very pleasuring. Some domestic poultry birds are great source of entertainment. Ostriches, peacocks, pigeons, quails etc. are most popular entertaining poultry birds.

We can’t describe the importance of domestic bird in a word.¬†According to above description we can say that, domestic poultry birds are playing a vital role in our socioeconomic improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about the importance of domestic bird. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about importance of domestic birds. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What is the importance of a bird?

Birds are actually an essential part of the natural system. They are also very essential as pollinators and for seed dispersal of many plants, especially native plants. Some birds also feed on a variety of insects, rodents and other small animals and keep the amount of those insects in control and balance the ecosystem. Domestic birds helps us by providing food.

What is the use of domesticated bird?

Domesticated birds are raised for many different purposes. They are raised mainly for food. Most common domesticated birds such as chickens and turkeys are raised for meat and eggs.

How important are birds to humans?

Birds are very important to humans. They help us by providing food and also by controlling pest and managing the environment.

What is importance of domestic poultry birds in our society?

Domestic poultry birds provides companionship to humans, serves as a source of food in the form of meat and eggs.

What is the importance of domestic birds in in rural livelihood?

Assured availability of eggs and meat in rural areas. Employment generation for rural people. Regular source of income. Improve socio- economic status of rural people.

What are the contribution of poultry to human?

Poultry meat and eggs are among the most widely consumed animal-based foods. These foods provide high-quality protein and low levels of fat beneficial to human nutrition and health.

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