Layer Poultry Equipment

For proper growth and well management, layer poultry birds needs some equipment. Proper care and management for poultry ensures the highest profit. The name of some layer poultry equipment which are used for poultry rearing are shown below.

Automation Equipment

  • Automatic Cooling System Panel
  • Auto Control Unit
  • Pressure Control Unit

Brooding Equipment

  • Gas Brooder
  • Electric Brooder
  • Diesel Brooder
  • Homemade Brooder

Cooling Equipment

  • Exhaust Fan
  • Air Circulating Fan
  • Pad Cooling Systems
  • Curtain Winching System

Disinfection Equipment

  • G-kill Flame Gun
  • Baby G-kill Flame Gun
  • Pressure Water Cleaners


  • Chick Drinkers
  • Jumbo Drinkers
  • Bell Drinkers
  • Grower Drinkers
  • Cage Drinkers


  • Chick Feeder
  • Grower Feeder
  • Parent Feeder
  • Chick Feeder Tray
  • Cage Feeder

Heating Equipment

  • Space Heater
  • Electric Heater
  • Diesel Heater
  • Hericane

Other Layer Poultry Equipment

  • Chick Guard
  • Sprinklers
  • Hygrothermo Meter
  • Moisture Meter
  • Eggs and Chicks Transportation Trays
  • Vaccinator
  • Debeaker Machines
  • Chain Link
  • Boxes or Nest for Laying Eggs
  • Poultry Nipples
  • Hanging Scale
  • Bird Transportation Cage


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