Gumboro Disease

Gumboro disease of poultry first introduced in a city of United States named ‘Gumboro’ in 1957. It is one of the viral and fatal contagious poultry diseases. Gumboro disease is a great obstacle of poultry farming. This disease affects much to the chicken aged between 3-12 weeks. Mortality rate in this disease is very high. Gumboro disease damage the working power of all poultry vaccine. As a result the chicken affects by other disease easily. This disease spread from one chicken to another through the used poultry equipments, affected birds food, water, closet etc. This disease is very harmful for poultry. So, be more careful and take proper care and provide proper treatment.

Gumboro Disease Symptoms

  • Mortality rate of baby chicken is very high.
  • Closet of the affected chicken is liquid like water and very unsavory.
  • The feather near anus get wet.
  • Feathers of the affected chicken get disarranged.
  • Affected chicken stop eating.
  • They become very thirsty.
  • Affected chicken reduces disease preventing power.
  • Growing rate of affected broiler chicken get reduced.
  • The chicken looses weight.
  • Anus of the affected bird become very noisy.
  • 30-40 % affected chicken die within 3 day.
  • Chicken become very tired, lay down and die due to dehydration.
  • Temperature of affected bird become very high and reduce very fast than natural temperature.
  • Blood and white mucus flows with closet.
  • Baby chicken stay very closer to each other and stay in the corner of poultry house.
Gumboro Disease Defense Method
By following the poultry health guidelines and timely vaccination, the farmer can prevent the gumboro disease. The vaccine of gumboro disease are of two types. One for baby chicken and another for adult chicken.
Live Vaccine
This poultry vaccines used for baby chicken. Apply the gumboro live vaccine to the chicken within 14-18 days of age. Apply one whit vaccine per eye. This vaccine also can be served the chicken by mixing with water.
Inactivated Vaccine
Gumboro inactivated vaccine used for adult chicken. Use this vaccine 0.3 milliliter per chicken at the age of 18-20 weeks. Apply this vaccine under the skin of chicken using injection.
  • Provide the affected chicken antibiotic, vitamin and minerals.
  • Keep the chicken in healthy and clean place.
  • Wash the house and equipments of poultry with formalin and germicide.
  • If this disease affect the chicken, call veterinarian as soon as possible.

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