Poultry Raising Guide

In our country we have a great shortage of animal protein. Poultry raising can contribute to meet up this demand. To meet up this lacking we have to make poultry farm as much as possible.

By investing a very little capital we can get a better benefit within a very short time. Nowadays, it has became a profitable and potential industry.

By applying modern science and technology through a proper plan we can make poultry farming more profitable.

Poultry farms are two types. For example- the family poultry farm and commercial poultry farms. The poultry raising experiences from small family farm will help to develop commercial farming later.

Chicken can be different types depending on production purposes. If the poultry raised for meat production, it is called broiler farm.

On the other hand, farm used for egg production is known as layer poultry farm. However, to make the farm profitable it needs proper plan, scientific method and well management.

Site Selection

Site selection is very important for poultry raising. Chicken farming is a permanent way of income. The poultry farm can be different types.

It may be a farm for egg production, for meat, breeding purposes, cockerel producing farm etc. Farm place selection is a very important business strategy to be benefited in poultry farming.

Poultry Raising

Keep the following points in consideration while selecting a place for poultry farming.

  • The farm should located in high place.
  • It should placed in such a place where flood water can’t reach.
  • The soil of the farming place have to be mixed with sand and gravel with a very good water absorption capacity.
  • Well facilities for water discharges.
  • The farm should located in a noiseless and clam place far from residential area.
  • It should placed where all types of communication is available. At least half kilometer far from the main road.
  • Electricity and clean water supply is a must.
  • While selecting a place for farming keep in mind that you can purchase farm equipment and food near from your farm.
  • Great opportunity for marketing your farming production like egg and chicken.
  • Try to place the farm where the land price is low.


The place which is safe and comfortable to stay is known as accommodation. The poultry house should made depending on the species and strain of the birds according to the farmers economic condition.

It can be concrete, tin shade or just a simple house. 25-30 feet empty position should keep to flow light and air well. 1 squire feet place is needed per chicken before they reach the age for marketing.

Poultry Raising

The farmer have to make poultry house determining this calculation for broiler chicken. 3 squire feet for white shell egg producing chicken and 4 squire feet for brown shell egg producing chicken.

This types of chicken can be raised in cage or litter system. The types of poultry house can be different depending on the methods of farming.

In cage system 60-70 squire inch per chicken is required . For every productive chicken 102-103 squire feet space in cage system and 1.5-1.75 squire feet space in litter system is necessary.

This measurement can changed with the condition of weather and weight of the chicken. In litter system 5 kg of litter is required per 10 squire feet.

It would be better if the floor is made with concrete in this system. For raw clay soil floor, you have to be careful in rainy season and wet condition.


Layer poultry birds needs 16 hours light daily. Artificial light system should keep 2.5-4 hours daily depending on the supply of daylight.

Source of artificial light is electronic bulb. Diesel light (lamp/hurricane) can be used where electricity is not available.

40 watt bulb is the best for this purpose. 1 bulb can produce sufficient light and heat for 1000 squire feet area.

Feed Management

Food management includes food quality, storage facilities, consumption rate, price of food per kg, digestive efficiency etc. Food cost is about 60-75 percent of total expenditure.

The income or loss of a poultry farm depends on food quality and price. Fro this reason foo management is very important in poultry farming. Layer poultry eats 110-120 grams of food daily.

The farmer have to make a storage of food for two months according to the number of birds in your farm. Every broiler will consume 4 kg food in 8 weeks.

Multiple this with the number of your birds and try to store the food. Long tray should use to feed the chicken.

1 tray should keep for every 50 birds and 1 long water pot for 100 chicken. They should always provide fresh food and clean water.

However, to be success in poultry farming the farmer should make proper plan for this, and work according to the plan. Wish your success!

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