Mareks Disease

Mareks disease is one of the viral contagious poultry diseases. Generally 4-7 weeks aged chicken affects by this disease. The chicken affected by this disease become paralyzed.

For this reason mareks is also known as ‘fowl paralysis’. The germ of this disease spread through wind. Producer loose money if mareks disease of chicken attack his farm.

Mareks Disease Symptoms

  • Legs and wings of affected chicken get paralyzed.
  • The chicken walk lamely.
  • Sometimes they can’t stand up.
  • Chicken loose weights.
  • The affected chicken can’t eat food or drink water.
  • Bone of the chest become very slim.
  • Head crest get pale and become very small.
  • Eyes become dim and looks like pearl.
  • The chicken may suffers by diarrhea.
  • Egg production of layer poultry get reduced.
  • Broiler cant grow well and they loose their weight day by day.
  • The chicken die due to starvation and dehydration.
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Mareks Disease Defense Method

This poultry disease has no proper treatment. The chicken can be kept free from this disease through vaccination. Apply the vaccine to the chicken when they are one day old in the hatchery.

HTV-126 vaccine is for mareks disease. Apply this poultry vaccine through injection under the skin of chicken at the rate of 0.2 milliliter per chicken.


  • Buy the baby chicken from virus and disease free farm or hatchery.
  • Follow the healthy poultry farming method.
  • Keep the affected chicken separate from healthy one.
  • Keep various aged chicken in different poultry house.
  • Control the entrance of external people and animals.
  • Try to keep the poultry in healthy and proper way.

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