Best Asiatic Poultry Breeds Popular in Asia

The poultry breeds which were originated from various countries of Asia are called Asiatic poultry breeds. There are many highly productive poultry breeds available, which were originated from different countries of Asia.

Cochin, Brahma, Asil, Longson etc. are some highly productive and most popularAsiatic poultry breeds. This type of chickens become very big in size. Produce huge amount of meat. Their feathers are disposed lightly.

The hens hatch their own eggs. The color of the eggshell become brown. This type of chickens get sexual maturity tardily, and become very lazy. The color of their skin become yellow or white. Name and characteristics of some popular Asiatic poultry breeds are listed below.

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  • Brahma chicken breed has many varieties. Among those, light colored breed is most popular.
  • They are very large sized.
  • Their body is fully covered with beautiful feathers.
  • There is a pea comb in their head.
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  • Eggshell is brown colored.
  • An adult rooster weights between 4 to 5 kg.
  • Produce meat highly.
  • Egg laying ability is less than other species.
  • The skin of this chicken is yellow colored.
  • The lobe is red colored.
  • Feathers are white colored like silver, and their tails are of black colored.


  • Cochin chickens were originated from China. For this reason they were known as ‘Shanghai’ in the past.
  • They become white, black and citrine colored.
  • They have head crest.
  • Hens lay brown colored eggs.
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  • Their body covered with beautiful feathers.
  • Their legs are also covered with feathers.
  • Usually, they are raised for their meat and feathers.
  • An adult rooster weights about 4.5 to 5 kg and an adult hen weights between 3.5 to 4 kg.
  • Lobes of this chicken breed are red colored.
  • Profitable for meat production than eggs.


  • Longson breed were originated from Longson of China.
  • Longson is suitable for both meat and egg production.
  • The feathers of their tail become 16 to 17 inch long.
  • Their skin is white colored.
  • Eggshell is deep brown colored.
  • An adult longson rooster weights about 4.5 kg.
  • The longson hens usually weight about 4 kg when they become adult.


  • This poultry breed were originated from Chittagong and Comilla district of Bangladesh.
  • They are very skilled in fighting.
  • Their Chest is wide and very beautiful.
  • Their body structure is very well and they become very strong.
  • Their neck and legs are very long.
  • They are very famous for meat production.
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  • USA and UK have produced many meat productive species by inseminating other species with Asil.
  • They lay only a few eggs in a year.
  • Their eggs are very small sized.
  • Their feathers are black, red or mixed colored.
  • Head crest is very small (pea comb).
  • An adult rooster weights about 3 to 4 kg.
  • An adult Asil hen weights between 2.5 to 3 kg.
  • They are big sized, sedulous and very hardy.

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