Mediterranean Poultry Breeds

There are numerous highly productive Mediterranean poultry breeds available. Some of those breeds are famous for meat production and some are famous for egg production and some breeds are famous and suitable for both meat and egg production. The feathers of Mediterranean chickens are tightly arranged with their body. Usually they become smaller in size. Their legs are featherless. Start laying eggs earlier than other poultry breeds. Their skin is white or yellow colored. Lobe is white colored. They are usually raised for their egg production. Eggshell become white colored. Characteristics of some highly productive Mediterranean poultry breeds are listed below.


  • Leghorn poultry breed originated form Italy.
  • They have 13 variant, some of them are white, black and red colored.
  • The feathers of leghorn chicken are of white colored.
  • Their legs are featherless.
  • Skin color is yellow or white.
  • They are smaller in size but lay big sized eggs.

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  • Start laying eggs within their six months of age.
  • Lay about 200 to 250 eggs per year.
  • Their legs are very small.
  • Lips and legs are yellow colored.
  • Lobe is white colored.
  • Head crest is jagged.
  • Lay white colored eggs.
  • An adult rooster weights about 3 kg and hen 2 kg.
  • They don’t hatch their eggs.


  • Minorca chickens have many variants with multiple color. Among those, black head crest breed is very popular.
  • Their body is fully black colored.
  • Many people raise them as an amateur breed.
  • An adult rooster weights about 4.5 kg and hen 3.5 kg.

mediterranean poultry breeds, minorca, minorca chicken, minorca chicken photo, minorca chicken picture

  • Their lobe is white colored.
  • They lay less eggs and don’t hatch their eggs.
  • They can’t tolerate high temperature of the sun.
  • Skin is white colored.
  • Lay about 180 to 200 eggs per year.
  • Eggshell is white colored.


  • Ancona chicken originated from Mediterranean area.
  • Their head crest is like a rose.
  • They don’t hatch their eggs.
  • Lay white colored eggs.
  • Lay about 200 to 250 eggs per year.

mediterranean poultry breeds, ancona, ancona chicken, ancona chicken photo, ancona chicken picture

  • An adult rooster weights about 2.5 to 3 kg and hen weights 1.5 to 2 kg.
  • Lobe is white colored.
  • There are no feathers in their legs.
  • Skin become yellow colored.
  • Feathers are black colored with white spot.
  • Their comb is very beautiful.


  • Fayoumi chickens were originated from Egypt.
  • Their skin is yellow colored.
  • No feathers in their legs.
  • Lobe is white colored.
  • They have similarity in size with Leghorn chickens.
  • Lay about 160 to 180 eggs per year.

mediterranean poultry breeds, fayoumi, fayoumi chicken, fayoumi chicken photo, fayoumi chicken picture

  • They lay comparatively smaller sized eggs.
  • Love to eat feed from open source. And very suitable for free range farming.
  • They can’t tolerate high temperature.
  • They are very beautiful to look.
  • Feathers are ash colored with white spots.
  • Feathers of neck are white colored.
  • They are very restless in nature.

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