Black Australorp Chicken Characteristics, Uses

The Black Australorp chicken is a very common and popular breed of domestic chicken. It is a dual-purpose breed and good for both meat and eggs production.

You should know about the Black Australorp chicken characteristics, especially if you are interested in this breed and want to raise these wonderful chickens.

Black Australorp is a fantastic chicken breed and most of the backyard poultry keepers like to raise them. They are also an ideal breed for the novice domestic keepers. Generally, the Black Australorp chickens are good looking, hardy, easygoing and highly prolific layers.

Their name Black Australorp, is a combination of Orpington and Australian. During the early 1900s they were developed from English Black Orpingtons by Australian breeders.

The American Poultry Association recognize Black Australorp chicken as a standard breed in 1929 although they were imported to America in 1920s. Now it is one of the best prolific layer breeds. However, the Black Australorp characteristics are described below.

Black Australorp Chicken Full Information

Every chicken breed have some specific characteristics. The characteristics of Black Australorp chicken breed are listed below.

Physical Characteristics

Black Australorps are large, heavy and very beautiful. They have close fitting feathers. They are soft feathered chicken with an upright stance. They have well rounded breasts and deep bodies.

Black Australorps are broad across the saddles and shoulders. Both hens and roosters hold their compact tails high. Their bright red faces and black feathers with a beetle green sheen give them a striking look, which has make them different from other breeds.

They have red colored wattles and single combs. Their combs have not more than seven serrations and they always keep it upright.

The faces of Black Australorp chickens are totally feather free and smooth. Legs are black or slate-blue grey colored. Their eyes are preferably black, beaks are dark.

The underside of the feet of Black Australorp chickens are white. A large sized Black Australorp rooster weights about 8.5 to 10 pounds and a large sized hen weights about 6.5 to 8 pounds.

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Dual Purpose

Black Australorp chickens are dual purpose birds. They are good layers and also suitable for meat production purpose. Their meat is very tasty and they are well fleshed with white skin. Black Australorp hens lay medium sized and light brown colored eggs.

Hens can lay for a couple of years. Generally a healthy hen can lay about 200 eggs in a season. But most of the people who raise backyard chickens, keep some Black Australorp chickens in their flock mainly for their beauty and gentle nature.

Health & Growth

Usually Black Australorp chickens become very hardy and they are long lived. They have a good resistance to the most common poultry diseases. All types of physical deformities such as bent toes or twisted beaks are less in well bred Black Australorp chickens.

They can also adopt themselves well with low temperatures and cold weather. You can feed them the foods that you feed to your other chicken breeds.

Don’t overfeed the laying hens. By overfeeding your laying hens, they will be fatty which will reduce their egg production rate. This happens much for Black Australorp chickens.


As I have told before, Black Australorps are very gentle and well behaved. I think this is the main reason of why most of the backyard poultry keepers like them.

Both hens and roosters are calm, quiet, friendly and it’s very easy to handle them. They are very suitable for both confined and free range chicken keeping methods.

But ensure that your flock is not overcrowded in confined system. Don’t keep Black Australorps and other aggressive chicken breeds in the same coop. Because they can be injured by the other aggressive breeds. Instead make a separate coop or room inside the coop for them.

Black Australorp chickens are beautiful, calm and friendly breeds and very suitable for raising in your backyard as pets or for meat and egg production purpose.

If you don’t have some Black Australorps in your flock, try to have some. And I am sure that, you will love them and they will definitely make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about Black Australorp chickens. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about this beautiful and popular chicken breed, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What are the main Characteristics of Black Australorp Chicken?

The Black Australorp chickens have intense beetle-green sheen on the black birds, dark eyes, deep bodies and are very active. They are dual-purpose birds and good for both meat and eggs production.

What are Black Australorp chickens good for?

The Black Australorp is a dual-purpose chicken breed, and it is good for both meat and eggs production purposes.

Are Black Australorp hens friendly?

Yes, the Black Australorp hens are very friendly. Some people also raise these birds as pets, mainly due to their friendly personality.

At what age do Black Australorps start laying?

Generally, the Black Australorp chickens start laying eggs at their 5 months of age.

Do Black Australorps get along with other chickens?

Yes, the Black Australorps are very friendly and do very well with other chickens.

How big does a Black Australorp get?

The Black Australorps are large dual-purpose birds. A large sized Black Australorp rooster weights about 8.5 to 10 pounds and a large sized hen weights about 6.5 to 8 pounds.

Are Black Australorps aggressive?

No, the Black Australorp chickens are not aggressive. They are very friendly and even do well with other chicken breeds.

Which is better Rhode Island Red or Black Australorp?

Both are good birds to have. It actually depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a dual-purpose bird which is good for both meat and eggs production, then Black Australorp chickens will be good for you. But if you are searching for a breed which is excellent for eggs production, then Rhode Island Red will be very good for you.

Will Black Australorp hens go broody?

Yes, the Black Australorp hens go broody and they are excellent mothers.

Are Black Australorps cold hardy?

Yes, the Black Australorp chickens are cold hardy and can withstand cold winter temperatures easily. They can also tolerate hot weather easily.

How long does a Black Australorp chicken live?

Average lifespan of a Black Australorp chicken is between 6 and 10 years.

How much space do Black Australorps need?

On an average, a mature Black Australorp chicken will require about 4 square feet space.

How many eggs do Black Australorps lay?

The Black Australorp hens can lay approximately 250 eggs per year.

What color eggs do Black Australorp chickens lay?

The Black Australorp hens lay large brown eggs.

Do Black Australorp have feathered feet?

No, the Black Australorp chickens don’t have feathered feet.

How do you identify a Black Australorp chicken?

Identifying a Black Australorp is very easy. These birds have (both male and females) black feathers, all with a green iridescent sheen. Roosters have distinctive long, narrow feathers with pointed tips over their necks and shoulders as well as over the top of their rumps. These hackle and saddle feathers gradually come in as the roosters mature.

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