Best Dairy Goats For Arid Climates

If you are living in the arid climates, then you should know about the best dairy goats for arid climates. Generally the main dairy goats include Alpine, Jamunapari, LaMancha, Nubians, Nigerian dwarfs, Oberhaslis, Toggenburgs and Saanens.

Among these breeds Alpines, Saanens, Oberhaslis and Toggenburgs originated in the Swiss mountain regions and thrive in cold climates. Jamunapari goats originated in the India.

Other breeds LaManchas, Nigerian dwarfs and Nubian goats originate in warm desert climates and are capable of tolerating arid conditions much better than other dairy goat breeds. So the best dairy goats for arid climates are Nigerian dwarf, Nubians and LaMancha goats.

Best Dairy Goats For Arid Climates

If you are living in arid climates and want to raise some dairy goats then consider any from the above three goat breeds. Determine which of of these three goat breed is best for you depending on their size, milk production, temperament or any other characteristics which is more important to you.

LaMancha Goats

LaMancha goats are medium sized animal. On an average, a mature LaMancha doe weights around 130 pound with at least 25 inches at the withers.

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This dairy goat breed was developed in Oregon into the goats they are now. But LaMancha goats have roots in the Spain. Usually they are friendly and docile in nature with a distinct physical feature (their ears).

LaMancha goats have ear flaps and the flaps are short and come in two varieties. They are elf and gopher. Gopher ears have no cartilage and are just flaps of skin around the ear canals. On the other hand, elf ear flaps contain a small amount of cartilage (but they are only 1 to 2 inches in size).

In cage of milk production, a LaMancha doe produces about 3 liters of milk per day during a 10 month lactating period.

The milk of this goat contain about 3.9 percent butterfat and 3.1 percent protein (on an average). You can consider this dairy goat breed for milk production in your arid climates.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian dwarf goats are small in size but considered as the best miniature dairy goat breed. They are the result of miniature breeding. On an average, a mature Nigerian dwarf doe measures not more than 22.5 inches at the withers and an average of 17 to 19 inches.

And mature does usually weight under 75 pounds. Although this goat breed is smaller in size but they are good milkers. Despite their smaller size, Nigerian dwarf goats produce about 2 quarts of milk per day. Milk of this goat is enriched with more butterfat and protein than the milk of other goat breeds.

Milk of Nigerian dwarf goats contain about 6 to 10 percent butterfat and about 4.4 percent protein. They are also very friendly in nature, very easy to manage and playful. They require less living space. So they are ideal for family farms and small scale milk production.

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Although Nigerian dwarf goats have a negative site and that is ‘their small size can make milking difficult. Most of the people consider it as an important factor while selecting breeds.

Nubian Goats

Among these three dairy goat breeds for arid climates, Nubians are larger in size and highly milk producing dairy goats. They have long and floppy ears. A mature Nubian doe weights about 135 pounds and at least 30 inches at the withers.

Nubian bucks usually weights more than the does. A mature buck can reach more than 200 pounds. Nubian goats are very vocal and they tend to be more stubborn breed.

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On an average, a Nubian doe produces about 2 to 3 liters of milk per day during their 10 month lactating periods. Milk of Nubian goats contain about 4.6 percent of butterfat and 3.7 percent of protein on an average.

Nubian goats are also very suitable for milk production for the arid climates.


In accordance with the above three main breeds, mini versions are also gaining recognition and purebreed status. The mini versions are also suitable for raising in the arid climates.

These are mixed full-size Nubians and LaMancha bred to Nigerian dwarf bucks for creating mini versions of LaManchas and Nubians. After six generation of breeding, they are considered purebred mini LaManchas or mini Nubians.

In case of milk production from these mini version, the amount of milk is an average of the two main breeds.

Milking is also easier in this new mini versions, because of their slightly larger size. However, you can choose any from the above three breeds for milk production. All are suitable and considered as the best dairy goats for arid climates.

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