Rui Fish

Rui fish is a very popular, common and mostly cultivated freshwater fish species of south Asia. It is a carp fish of cyprinidae family. Rui fishes are also known by some other names such as rohu fish, rohit fish etc. Among the species of carp fish the appreciation of Rui fish is maximum. It is very tasty and delicious. Rui fishes are very popular to the people of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan and some other Asian countries. It is generally a fish of river. But it also can be found in all types of natural water reservoir. Rui fish farming in pond, mere or lake is very popular and profitable.

Classification of Rui Fish

  • Kingdom               :       Animalia
  • Phylum                 :       Chordata
  • Class                    :       Actinopterygii
  • Order                    :       Cypriniformes
  • Family                  :       Cyprinidae
  • Genus                  :       Labeo
  • Species                :       L. rohita
  • Scientific name       :       Labeo rohita

Physical Characteristics of Rui Fish
Physical characteristics of the Rui fishes by which we can recognize them are described below.

  • The body of Rui is thick. But the head and tail is comparatively narrow than their body.
  • Their whole body is covered with cycloid scales. Except the head and fins.
  • Head is triangulated and mouth is inferior.
  • Surface and under surface is brown colored.

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  • Belly is white silver colored.
  • Rui fishes have two pair of nostril.
  • Mouth is covered with two lips.
  • There are many small indention and pair of trunk in the brink of lips.
  • Middle place of caudal fin is bifurcated. So it is called homocercal.
  • There are seven fins in the body of rui fish including odd and even fins.
  • Length of the Rui is about 90 cm to 1 m.
  • Scales are smooth and well arranged in a row.
  • Front side of head and back side is blackish colored.
  • The body is slightly curved to upper side.
  • There are about 15-16 cords in the dorsal fins of this fish.
  • The scales of body is reddish colored. But the belly scales is silver white colored.

Rui fish usually reach physical maturity at the age of 3 years. A female Rui contain about 0.3 millions of eggs. In favorable environment they lays eggs within April to July. Thy lays eggs in open water reservoir like river. Minnow of this fish can also be produced artificially. Rui fish don’t lays eggs in stagnant water.

Rui fish generally ramble and consume feed from the middle level of water. The main feed of rui fish is plant and putrescent organic substances. The minnow of rui fish eats only zooplankton and adult fish eats generally phytoplankton. For commercial rui fish farming, fish meal, cake, rice dust, wheat chaff etc. can served as supplementary feed.


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