Artificial Fish Breeding

The breeding method by controlling environment and artificially inciting male and female fish is known as artificial fish breeding. Artificial fish breeding can be done in two systems which are described below.

By Controlling Environment
In this method favorable breeding environment are made and the fish are forced for breeding. There is a breeding center in Baracpur of India for artificial breeding of carp fish like rui fish.

By Using Irritant
In this breeding method fish are forced in breeding by applying irritant in their body. For example, P.G, H.C.G etc. are used through injection for artificial breeding of some fish species like rui, katla, mrigal, catfish, silver carp, mirror carp, bighead carp etc.

The element on which the success of artificial fish breeding depends are described below.

Qualities of Water
All types of breeding requires pure and fresh water. The underground tube-well water mixed with iron is considerate as the favorable water for artificial breeding of fish. Water of big lake, swamp etc. are used for breeding in hatchery.

Light has a great impact in the growth, maturity and sexual excitement of fish. Sexuality of fish starts somewhere in the starting of monsoon and some place lately due to reflection of light. The fish grow and gain maturity very fast if the reflection of light become less and gain maturity slowly due to long time reflection.

Temperature has a special impact in the growth and gaining maturity of fish. Along with this temperature also influence the breeding, hatching eggs etc. If temperature become less then fish lays eggs after desired time and lays before desired time in the case of high temperature. As a result murrain can be seen in the minnow.

Weather influence the environment and temperature of water. Rainy and cloudy day is very suitable for both natural and artificial fish breeding.

Biological Status
The growth and maturity of fish is slightly depends on the biological status. Sperm falling power of male fish and egg ripeness of female are very important for artificial breeding. Because it is not possible to be successful in artificial breeding if the male and female fish are not mature.


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