Sojat Goat

Sojat goat is a meat goat breed originate from Rajasthan in India. It is cross bred from another Indian breed named the Jamunapari goat. Sojat goat is mainly raised for meat production.

And its milk yield is low. The breed is mostly found between the belt of Sojat, Phalodi, Pipar, Jodhpur and some other areas of Rajasthan.

The popularity of meat goat farming business is growing day by day. And the demand of meat goat breeds is also increasing. Sojat goat breed is now found in almost every states of India.

The breed is commonly sacrificed during the religious festival, like the Bakri-Eid. Review characteristics and full breed profile of this goat breed below.

Sojat Goat Physical Characteristics

Sojat goat is a heavy breed and very suitable for meat production. They have many similarities with the Jamunapari goat. They have very long, flat and dropping ears. They have short and thin tail. Both bucks and does are found mostly without horn.

The does have well developed udder which is round in shape with large conical teats. Bucks are larger in size than the does, and are very beautiful. The coat color of this goat breed has many variations. But mostly they are white in color with spots.

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On an average, adult Sojat bucks weight about 50-60 kg and does about 40-50 kg. Photo form Wikipedia.


Sojat goats are mainly raised as a meat goat breed. They are heavy in size and very suitable for meat production.

Special Considerations

Sojat goats are famous for their good height, health and for their mostly common white coat color. They are very suitable for stall fed goat farming system. The breed is not suitable for profitable milk production. Their average daily milk yield varies from 1 to 1.5 kg per lactation period.

Sojat doe usually kids twins in every 12-14 months. And the does give birth to single in most cases (about 60 percent). Twins is also common, about in 40 percent cases. Review full breed profile of Sojat goat below.

Breed NameSojat
Other NameNone
Breed PurposeMainly Raised for Meat Production
Breed SizeLarge
BuckAbout 50-60 kg
DoeAbout 40-50 kg
HornsNo (both bucks and does are found mostly without horn)
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Coat ColorMost common color is white with spots
Good for Stall FedYes
Country of OriginIndia

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