Scandaroon Pigeon

The Scandaroon pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon from Germany. It is also known as a Nuremberg Bagdad, and was developed over many years of selective breeding.

This breed along with other breeds of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the rock pigeon. It is probably one of the oldest breeds of pigeon, and is believed to date back to the time of Alexander the Great.

Scandaroon pigeon is mainly raised for it’s looks, but also popular as a utility breed for meat production. Read some more information about the bred below.

Scandaroon Pigeon Appearance

Scandaroon pigeon is a large breed. It is related to the Carriers in conformation. The breed can hardly be confused with any other variety with it’s long neck and legs, strongly curved and heavy beak, and the well developed beak and eye wattles. The breed can be either self-colored or pied.

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Bills of the Scandaroon pigeons are large and downward-curved. Their eyes are bright and accented, and surrounded by well developed ceres. Photo from Wikipedia.


Scandaroon pigeon is mainly raised for it’s looks. And the breed is also used for it’s utility as a food source.

Special Notes

The Scandaroon pigeon is a very beautiful breed of domestic pigeon. It is neither used for show purpose nor for flying purpose. They are raised mainly for their uncommon but beautiful appearance.

And the breed is also raised for meat production. They are pretty larger in size than the street pigeons and very good for meat production.

The breed is also very good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of this breed in the following chart.

Breed NameScandaroon
Other NameNuremberg Bagdad
Breed PurposeBeauty, utility
Special NotesBeautiful, uncommon appearance, good for meat production, good for raising as pets
Breed ClassLarge
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityAverage
As PetsGood
ColorSelf-colored or pied
Country/Place of OriginGermany

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