Danish Suabian Pigeon

The Danish Suabian pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from Denmark. It was developed over many years of selective breeding.

This breed and other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the feral or wild rock pigeon. It is thought to have been developed in France and Holland.

It was actually developed from the laced Starling and was imported to Denmark around 1840.

The breed is also called Pheasant Pigeon, because of the similarity of it’s color patterns with those of the true Silver Pheasant. Read some more information about the breed below.

Danish Suabian Pigeon Appearance

Danish Suabian pigeon is a smaller sized pigeon breed which is mainly bred for it’s color. It has an upright posture, and most distinctive characteristics of these birds are finch marks and the neck ring which is white in color.

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Their head can be peak crested, shell crested or even plain headed. Their eyes are bright orange in color with ceres being flesh colored and fine in texture. Their beak is of wild or field pigeon type and black in color.

Wings of the Danish Suabian pigeon are white and have either a lace or spangle pattern. The tail is black and barless, with the rump also of black color.

And these birds can be of clean legged and begrouse legged. Average live body weight of the mature birds is around 350 to 380 grams.


Danish Suabian pigeon is mainly an exhibition bird. It is raised for show or exhibition purpose.

Special Notes

The Danish Suabian pigeon is a very beautiful bird with an upright and alert posture. It appears in many colors which includes black, blue, silver, ash yellow, ash red, brown barred and yellow.

The breed is mainly raised for exhibition purpose. But also pretty good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of the Danish Suabian pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NameDanish Suabian
Other NamePheasant
Breed PurposeExhibition, pets
Special NotesBeautiful birds, attractive appearance, excellent for show purpose, good for raising as pets, upright and alert posture
Breed ClassSmall
Weight350-380 grams
Climate ToleranceNative climates
Flying AbilityGood
As PetsGood
ColorBlack, blue, silver, ash yellow, ash red, brown barred and yellow
Country/Place of OriginDenmark

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