Saxon Spot Pigeon Breed Information

The Saxon Spot pigeon is a very beautiful breed of fancy pigeon from Germany. It was originated in Saxony, Germany. This breed and other breeds of the domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the rock pigeon. It is a pretty old breed and is being bred in Saxony for a long time. There are many color varieties of the breed. However, read some more information about the breed below.

Saxon Spot Pigeon Appearance

Saxon Spot pigeon is an average sized breed with rounded head. It comes in four color varieties: black, blue, red and yellow. Head of these birds can be either crested or smooth. Their eyes are dark, cere narrow, flesh to red in color. Their neck is short, blending full at the shoulders. Their beak is relatively long and slightly rounded on the tip, and is of flesh colored. But the upper beak is dark in blacks and blues. Their back is wide at the shoulders, tapering slightly downward.
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Wings of the Saxon Spot pigeon are long and strong. The wings are not too tightly closed, resting on top tail. And the tail is nicely closed and adequately wide. They have long legs and well muffed feet (feathers are as wide as possible, long hock feathers; deep set). Their body feathers are well developed, showing fullness and softness.


Saxon Spot pigeon is an excellent show bird. It is good for ornamental purpose, and also good for raising as pets.

Special Notes

The Saxon Spot pigeon is generally like the field pigeons. But it is somewhat stronger in appearance. The breed is pretty hardy and active. It is suitable for raising for show purpose. But also good for ornamental purpose. If properly cared, these birds can be excellent as pets. However, review full breed profile of the Saxon Spot pigeon in the following chart.

Saxon Spot Pigeon | Breed Profile

Breed Name Saxon Spot
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Show, ornamental, pets
Special Notes Beautiful, stronger appearance, hardy, active, good for show purpose, good for ornamental purpose, good as pets
Breed Class Average
Climate Tolerance Native climates
Flying Ability Average
As Pets Good
Color Black, blue, red, yellow
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Germany

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