Phoenix Chicken Farming: Start Lucrative Business

Phoenix chicken farming is very popular, especially in the area where this breed is available. It is a very beautiful breed which is generally raised as an ornamental breed. It is a very old breed and popular in many countries around the world.

The Phoenix chicken is actually a long tailed chicken breed originating in German. It is an ancient breed and tracing it’s heritage back after a long time. Hugo du Roi (who was the first president of the National German Poultry Association) created the Phoenix chicken breed in the late 19th Century.

Many chicken breeds were used for creating this breed. A few delicate imported long tailed Japanese birds were cross-bred with some other breeds (including Combattant de Bruges Kruper, Bruegge Game, Leghorn, Yokohama, Modern Game, Old English Game, Malay and Ramelsloher chicken).

In Japan, there are many breeds of Long tail fowl. And the Phoenix chicken is a German creation from long-tailed fowls of Japanese descent. The breed has been found in the western world, especially in the United States since before 1924.

There are many color varieties and also a bantam version of this breed is available. The breed was accepted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in the year of 1965.

However, you can start commercial Phoenix chicken farming business if you can easily market the birds in your area. The ornamental birds are generally sold at very high price in the market. So, you will probably be able to make good profit from commercial Phoenix chicken farming business.

How to Start Phoenix Chicken Farming

The Phoenix chickens are very active birds with excellent flight skills. And starting commercial Phoenix chicken farming business is just like starting a chicken farming business with any other domestic chicken breeds.

Here we are trying to describe more information about starting and operating a successful Phoenix chicken farming business from purchasing birds to caring and marketing.

Purchase Chickens

First of all, you have to purchase very good quality, healthy, active and disease free birds for starting your Phoenix chicken farming business. Healthy birds are the key to successful business and maximum production.

You can purchase either day old chicks or mature birds depending on the price and availability in your area. The mature birds are generally sold at very high price in the market. While the day old chicks are much cheaper. So, we recommend starting with day old chicks.

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You can purchase the chicks from any of your nearest poultry chick suppliers, chicken breeding centers or existing Phoenix chicken farms. Just ensure that the chicks are healthy and active. You can also search your local online classified websites.


Making a good, comfortable and secure housing system is important for Phoenix chicken farming business. Because a good house not only help the birds to stay healthy, but also helps them to stay free from all types of predators and adverse weather conditions.

The type of the house can be any depending on your budget. It can be of full concrete setup or you can build the house with low cost and easily available materials (such as bamboo or woods). Just ensure that the house is secure and comfortable for the birds.

Install good ventilation system while building the house. Good ventilation system helps to remove harmful gases from inside the house and keeps your birds healthy.

Make the house in such a way so that you can easily clean the house. And ensure flow of enough clean and fresh air and light inside the house.

The Phoenix chickens are classed as a large breed, and as they are ornamental birds so they generally require more living space. On average, a mature bird will require between 8-10 square feet of housing space.


Feeding the birds with very good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of Phoenix chicken farming business. Because good food not only keeps the birds healthy, but also helps them to grow better and produce more.

You can feed your chickens either with ready-made/commercial poultry feeds or you can prepare the feeds of your own. Just ensure that the food is good and nutritious for your birds.

Never feed your chickens with contaminated feeds. And always try to feed your chickens with enough clean and fresh drinking water as per their demand.

The Phoenix chickens are good for raising in both confinement and free range system. But raising them in free range system will help you to reduce feeding costs and at the same time it will help to increase the quality of the products.


The Phoenix chickens are naturally very good breeders, just like many other domestic chicken breeds. They will breed easily and produce enough fertile eggs for hatching if you keep good ratio of hens and roosters in your flock.

Generally one healthy rooster is enough for breeding around or up to 10 hens. The hens go broody frequently and they are excellent mothers.


The Phoenix chickens are very gentle birds and they are very easily handled. They are also very shy and friendly in nature. They become very tame and become very good as pets if handled from an early age. They have very long tail, so they generally require special caring for keeping their tail feathers in good shape.

They should be kept up on high roosts (the way parrots are kept) to maintain these long tails. They require extra space inside their house which should be dry. And they also require regular diet with high protein for maintaining the extra large plumage.

So, always monitor your bird’s health on a regular basis for any signs of diseases or illness. And take necessary steps if you notice anything uncommon. Vaccinate them timely and always try to keep good contact with a vet in your area.


Marketing chicken products (such as meat and eggs) is not a problem. But marketing ornamental birds can be difficult in some areas. Because market demand of ornamental birds is not same in all places.

So, you have to determine your marketing strategies before starting this business. If you can market ornamental birds easily in your area, then you can start this business. Otherwise you should start with any other breed.

These are the common steps and ways for starting and operating a successful Phoenix chicken farming business. Raising Phoenix chicken is very easy. You can raise them even if you are a beginner. Hope this guide has helped you! Good luck & may God bless you!

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