Kamori Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

The Kamori goat is a popular and beautiful breed of goat. It is a milk goat breed which is found in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Actually the Kamori goat is mostly found in the districts of Dadu, Nawabshah and Larkana in the Sindh province. The breed is mainly popular for it’s beautiful appearance and milk production. But the original Kamori goat is rare today, and is very expensive. However review characteristics, special notes and full breed profile of the Kamori goat below.

Kamori Goat Characteristics

Kamori goats are easily characterized by their body type, color and beautiful appearance. They are famous for their distinctive body structure with long ears, neck and unique colors. They have a large body and a very distinctive coat color. Body of the purebred Kamori goats is dark brown in color with small coffee-colored or dark patches over their entire body. They have long and well developed body. And the udder and teats of the Kamori does are fairly developed. Kamori goat is a medium to large goat breed. On average the bucks weight about 60 kg and the does about 50 kg. Photo from Wikipedia.
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Kamori goats are mainly raised as a dairy goat breed. Average milk production from a Kamori doe is approximately 1.5 liters. But they are also good for meat production.

Special Considerations

Purebred Kamori goat is very expensive and rare. Sometimes they are sold for a very high price mainly because of their uniqueness and rarity. There is also a less expensive version of this breed, which is a crossed version or hybrid. Kamori goats have been crossed with Patairee goats for producing less expensive version which is similar to the Kamori’s in body structure. Patairee is another goat breed form Pakistan, but mainly found in Sindh province. Today the hybrid Kamori goat is also becoming popular among the people, mainly because of it’s beautiful colors and appearance and less price compared to pure Kamori goat.

Kamori Goat | Breed Profile
Breed Name Kamori
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Mainly raised for milk production, but also suitable for meat production.
Breed Size Medium to Large
Weight Buck About 60 kg
Doe About 50 kg
Horns Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Body of the purebred Kamori goats is dark brown in color with small coffee-colored or dark patches over their entire body.
Good for Stall Fed Yes
Rarity Rare
Country of Origin Pakistan


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