How to Make Goat Hair Soft (Best Beginner’s Guide)

Goats have a soft, downy undercoat covered by a fine, coarse outer coat. That’s make the goats look beautiful and give them required warmth during cold weathers.

Color and type of hair vary, depending on the breeds. But their beautiful and essential hair becomes dry and brittle, without regular and routine care and adequate nutritious foods.

How to Make Goat Hair Soft

Lack of regular care make their hair lack softness, and look less lustrous. Here we are describing about how to make goat hair soft. If you want to make your goat’s hair soft, follow the simple routine care which are shortly described below.


Regular brushing is very important for goats, and another animals with hair to keep the hair soft and clean. Try to brush your goats regularly with a firm bristled grooming brush.

Doing this regularly will help to soften their hair by removing dead skin and loose hair.

Dead skin and loose hair causes your goat’s coat to look and feel rough. Brush your goats from the back of the top of their head to down their back toward their tail (in long, even strokes).

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Always brush in the direction the hair grows. Doing this will ensure you get deep enough for removing the shedding hair from the undercoat. Also brush the legs, belly and chest of your goats.


Regular bathing or washing your goats with water helps to keep their hair soft and clean. Regular bathing removes various types of harmful parasites and pests (such as lice) from their body.

You can also use a shampoo while bathing, which is specifically formulated for the goats or other livestock animals. First, wet the entire body of your goat and pour the shampoo directly on their hair. Rub it perfectly and try to reach the downy undercoat.

After that, rinse the soap off completely and then follow up with a coat conditioner. Using conditioner will help to remove tangles and mats from the hair of your goats.

Then dry the goats using a towel or livestock hair dryer. After that, you can use a leave-in coat conditioner which contains natural oils for added softness.


You might know, feeding nutritious feed is very important for raising goats. A healthy coat of a goat starts on the inside through feeding them well balanced food.

The coat of your goat may suffer due to lack of some important minerals and vitamins. Vitamin A, copper, zinc etc. are such important minerals and vitamins for goats.

Without these necessary vitamins and minerals, the coat of your goat may fall out or it simply look lackluster.

So always try to feed your goats a balanced diet, enriched with necessary minerals and vitamins. This will ensure, they grow a healthy coat that is very soft to the touch.

Consult with your nearest vet, if you feed your goats nutritious food but if their coat don’t look natural and fine.

Generally goats are susceptible to skin infections. This skin infections are usually caused by bacteria and parasites in damp areas. Keep your goats dry during damp or rainy weather.

Keeping your goats dry during such condition will help to keep their coat healthy. It will be better, if you can provide your goat a three sided shelter.

Remove all types of wet footing immediately from their shelter. Monitor your goats health regularly. Also inspect the signs of mange and other skin conditions (including dry skin, hair loss and scaly).

Do routine brushing and bating on a regular basis after a certain period. Thus you can make the hair of your goat soft and beautiful.

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