Goat Farming in Kerala: Guide for High Profits

Commercial goat farming in Kerala can be a great source of income to the marginal people and for the unemployed educated people.

Especially, the landless women can raise some goats with their other animals to earn some extra income. Raising chickens, cattle, sheep, goat etc. are most popular and old business opportunities in Kerala.

But among all the livestock animals goats can be raised and managed easily than others. And the weather condition of Kerala is also suitable for commercial goat farming.

However, read this step by step guide very carefully before starting goat farming in Kerala.

Starting Goat Farming Business in Kerala

Starting goat farming is very easy and simple. Make a proper plan and follow it strictly to run a successful goat farming business.

Select a Suitable Location

Selecting a suitable location for your farm is always very important. While selecting, consider all types of facilities are available in your farm area.

The necessary facilities for goat farming includes availability of fresh and clean water, great source of green food, suitable market for purchasing necessary products, well transportation, sufficient veterinary service etc.

Select the Products You Want to Produce

Before starting, determine what type of products you are going to produce. You can produce meat, milk, skin, fiber and manure at same time.

There are some goat breeds which are very suitable for producing all those products.

But, for commercial purposes you should go with one products. Whether, it may be meat, milk, skin or fiber.

Buy High Quality Breeds

Healthy and high quality goat breeds are must for better production. Malabari, Jamunapari, Osmanabadi, Boer, Saanen are very suitable for both domestic and commercial goat farming in Kerala.

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According to the environment and weather of Kerala, this goat breeds are very suitable and produce highly in proper care and management.

Good Housing/Shelter

Housing is not so important for domestic farming. Because in domestic raising you can easily keep your goats with other domestic livestock animals like cattle or sheep.

But, for commercial production you must have to build a suitable house for your goats with appropriate drainage and ventilation system.

Make the house/shelter in such a way, so that it can easily be cleaned regularly and keep always dry. Always try to ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the goat house/shelter.


Feeding good and nutritious food to your goats always keep them healthy and productive. Try to feed them as much green food as possible.

Along with green foods you can also feed them home prepared complementary feed for maximizing growth and production.

Always serve them sufficient clean and fresh water with their regular nutritious food.

Veterinary Service

Generally, diseases are less in goats. But, if somehow happen something wrong then make the veterinary service available within a few moments.

This will reduce your tension and help you for maximizing production from your farm.

Market Your Products

Marketing process of your farm products is the easiest process ever. There is a good market for goat products everywhere.

So, you don’t have to worry about marketing. But, for getting higher price of your products, you can make plan for selling your products during an special occasion or festivals.

For example, if you sell your goats during EID, then you will get the maximum price of your goat. You can also take the benefits of various PUJA. Because, during this time the demand of meat and milk increases.

Goat farming in Kerala has a great opportunities. And there are already many established farms available.

So, if you are new in this business and want to start goat farming business then take a training on goat farming and visit some farm and producers directly. This will help to broad your knowledge. And always try to learn and make something new.

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