Hampshire Pig Full Breed Information

The Hampshire pig is a breed of domestic pig from United Kingdom. It is easily characterized by it’s erect ears and black body. It is probably the oldest American pig breed. According to the American National Swine Registry, it is the fourth ‘most recorded breed‘ of pigs in the United States. The breed is believed to have derived from the English breeds which were found in the northern England and Scotland. The breed is thought to have been brought to America from Hampshire, England between 1827 and 1839.

The pigs remaining in Hampshire of England developed later into the Wessex Saddleback. The Wessex Saddleback pig breed is similar in coloration to the Hampshire pig, but with flop ears and they are kept largely for foraging in the forest. The breed was called as Hampshire Hogs by the residents of Hampshire. Read more information about the breed below.

Hampshire Pig Characteristics

The Hampshire pig is a medium sized breed of pig. It has erect ears and black body, with a whitish band around the middle, covering the front legs. Body of the animal is well built with long legs and noses, making the breed popular for meat production.
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The mature Hampshire boars on average weight around 300 kg. And average live body weight of the mature sows is about 250 kg. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

Special Notes

The Hampshire pig is known and noted for being rapid growers and well-muscled. Even it grow faster than the Yorkshires, but do not grow as fast as many cross-breeds. It exhibit good carcass quality and very good for using for meat production. The sows are excellent mothers, and have extra longevity. The animals are usually of good temperament. Review full breed profile of the Hampshire pig in the following chart.

Hampshire Pig | Breed Profile

Breed Name Hampshire
Other Name Hampshire Hog
Special Notes Rapid growers, well-muscled, good carcass quality, sows are excellent mothers, good temperament
Breed Size Medium
Weight Boars Around 300 kg
Sows Around 250 kg
Climate Tolerance All climates
Color Black and white
Rarity Available
Country/Place of Origin United Kingdom


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