Swedish Landrace Pig Breed Information

The Swedish Landrace pig is a popular and leading breed of pig. As the name suggests, the breed is from Sweden and originated from importations from neighboring countries, particularly from Denmark. In the recent years, the breed has attracted attention in the United States and other nations. It has been exported to the United States and some other countries.

The Swedish Landrace pig is mainly popular in those countries where fresh pork is desired and other manufactured products. But the Danish Landrace is bred mainly for bacon. Swedish Landrace breed has been used in the improvement of the American Landrace and to broaden that breed’s genetic base. It was exported to Australia in the first half of the 20th century and from there to New Zealand in 1959. It was also exported to Czechoslovakia and Russia. The breed was largely used for crossing in Czechoslovakia to improve the local livestock. Read more information about the breed below.

Swedish Landrace Pig Characteristics

The Swedish Landrace pig is similar to the Danish Landrace in appearance as it was largely derived from the Danish Landrace breed. It is similar in characteristics to the Danish Landrace breed. The breed is usually medium to large sized animal with a long body. It is mainly white in color and is scantily clad with short hairs.
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The Swedish Landrace pigs have large ears which are dropping forwards, and the snout is long. They have a long back and deep flanks and lacks the wrinkles and excess fat found in some other pig breeds. Photo and info from Wikipedia.

Special Notes

Swedish Landrace pig is a large breed of pig. It is noted for it’s prolificacy, mothering ability and growth rate. It has also sought to retain the fecundity. The breed is very suitable for fresh pork production and it lacks the wrinkles and excess fat. The breed is not such an extreme bacon-pig, and breeders have concentrated on the soundness of the legs and feet, the strength of the back and the animal’s constitution. However, review full breed profile of the Swedish Landrace pig in the following chart.

Swedish Landrace Pig | Breed Profile

Breed Name Swedish Landrace
Other Name None
Special Notes Well adapted to native climates, large, noted for it’s prolificacy, good mothering abilities, good growth rate, good for fresh pork production, lacks the wrinkles and excess fat
Breed Size Large
Climate Tolerance Native climates
Color Mainly white in color and is scantily clad with short hairs
Rarity Available
Country/Place of Origin Sweden

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