Goat Fencing

Goat fencing is considered as one of the most important factors to consider before starting a goat farm (along with providing good quality feed and a great shelter). A good goat fencing system not only help to keep your goats secure and feel safe, but also help to keep your goats within your inspection.

Quality goat fencing also require a lot of money to complete. It is one of the most costly up-front investment that you have to make for your goat farm. And scrimping a few dollars for goat fencing is not wise.

Quality and expensive fence will generally last for longer time, on the other hand cheap and low quality fence will fail after only a couple of years. However, it’s totally your choice whether you choose expensive fence or just a basic fence for your goats.

Generally, goats are great escape artists. They will climb on a fence, try to stick their head through a fence, try to run through a fence and they will also rub along a fence. So, the fence needs to be hardy enough so that it can thrive if your goats do any of these activities.

Actually a fence is the barrier between your goats getting into trouble or a predator getting in. A good fencing will also prevent your goats from escaping and eating the poisonous plant.

However, quality goat fencing is a must for keeping your goats safe inside the farm area/land. And it is also a very important part of your goat farming business.

Goat Fencing Information & Guide

Ensure the fence is strong enough, because goats are notorious for testing fences. Goats are good jumpers, so ensure the fence is tall enough (at least 4 feet recommended). You can choose wire that can withstand climbing and leaning, and your goats can’t get their heads stuck through.

Here we are describing more about fence construction, fencing materials, fence types and all other information related to goat fencing.

Goat Fence Construction

Constructing a fence is not that easy, it’s require time, patience and experience. You can call an expert in your area for constructing the fence.

Build solid braces on either side of gates, at each side of a corner and stretch the fence tight. Use plenty of staples for making the fence strong.

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Goat Fencing Materials

Common fencing materials are posts, bracing wire, staples, stretcher etc. Non climb goat and horse wire fence are generally good for goat fencing. Because it is much stronger, heavier and much sturdier than usual fence (but it can be more expensive). This type of fence is not flexible, so it can be a bit more difficult to work with.

Consider smaller openings for goat fencing, for example 2×4 inch will be good for goats. A goat can not stick it’s head through and get stuck if the openings are of smaller sized.

Bracing Wires

In case of using bracing wires, use the single strand bracing wire technology. Two strands bracing wires are twisted together and the goat can stuck it’s head in between the wires and got stuck. So, using single strand bracing wires will be good.

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence is not considered good for goats. A mature goat can make itself as flat as a pancake if it wants to reach the tree on the other side of the fence. So it’s not always enough for controlling your goat’s movement.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fence can be a good option if you want to minimize the number of unwanted animals or predators from coming in from the outside.

You can bury a strand of barbed wire underneath the fence (just below the surface). And also run a top strand just above the fence on all exterior fencing.

Electric Goat Fencing

Electric goat fencing has many advantages and disadvantages. So, use it at your own risk (we don’t recommend it). Electric fencing is definitely a good choice if you want to keep your goats inside.

But it also can’t keep a goat inside sometimes, especially if there is plenty of greens or browse on the outside. By the way, in case of using electric goat fencing you also have chances to lose goat kids due to electric shock.

Wooden Fence

Wooden goat fence can be a great option. But it is more expensive and will take long time to build. And it’s generally lasts less than wire fencing.

Whatever goat fencing material and system you use, ensure that it is strong enough to keep your goats inside and predators outside. Good luck!

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