German Modena Pigeon Breed Information

The German Modena pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. As the name suggests, it was originated from Germany and was actually developed over many years of selective breeding. This breed along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the feral or wild rock pigeon.

The breed is very old and also known by some other names such as Modene Type Allemand, Deutsche Modeneser and Modenese Tedesco. Varieties belonging utility pigeons type was originally developed as a “flying kit” , but in the subsequent development is intended as a dove ornament. The German Modena pigeon is very attractive, easy to keep, far less troublesome than the English Modena Pigeon. Read some more information about this breed below.

German Modena Pigeon Appearance

German Modena pigeon is a beautiful breed with chicken like appearance. But it is the smallest of the ‘hen’ or ‘chicken’ type pigeon breeds, and have a body shape reminiscent of their barnyard cousins. These birds have broad and rounded body, long neck and long legs. Their body, neck and legs each should make up 1/3 of their overall height. They have round head, evenly arched and smooth forehead that not low down. Color of their eyes is orange-red. Their beak is of medium length and comparatively strong. The wattle should be short and flat.
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Neck of the German Modena pigeon is harmonious and rising evenly towards the head. Breast of these birds is full and wide and nicely rounded. They have relatively short wings which are carried slightly loose at the breast. The tail is short and carried slightly high. Their legs are long, and showing much thigh and strong and not feathered on the feet. Base feathers of their body are fluffy and rest of the feathers are smooth and lying flat. Photo and info from Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds, Pinterest and Wikipedia.


German Modena pigeon is raised mainly as a utility breed. It is good for exhibition purpose, and also good for raising as pets.

Special Notes

The German Modena pigeon is a hardy and very attractive bird. It’s very easy to care for these birds. It is the smallest of the Hen or Chicken pigeons, which include Modena pigeon, King pigeon, Florentine, Maltese and Hungarian. The breed is raised mainly for utility purpose. But it is good for exhibition and ornamental purpose. It is relative of good behavior, so also good for raising as pets. However, review full breed profile of the German Modena pigeon in the following chart.

German Modena Pigeon | Breed Profile

Breed Name German Modena
Other Name Modene Type Allemand, Deutsche Modeneser and Modenese Tedesco
Breed Purpose Utility, exhibition, pets
Special Notes Beautiful, strong and hardy, good behavior, very attractive chicken like appearance, easy to care, very good for utility purpose, good for exhibition, good for raising as pets
Breed Class Medium
Climate Tolerance All climates
Flying Ability Average
As Pets Good
Color Many
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Germany

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