Dwarfism in Goats

Dwarfism is a medical condition caused by delayed or slow growth. It is considered as a defect in the animal species. Dwarfism is not only seen in humans but also available in goats and some other animals.

But in case of goats, there are some goat breeds available which are naturally dwarf goat. Nigerian dwarf goat is such a goat breed. However, read more about dwarfism in goats.

What is Dwarfism in Goats

Dwarf and miniature are bandied about for describing smaller sized breeds. Sometimes those two words are also used indistinguishably, although they are different from each other.

Normal sized trunk in combination with short legs, short and broad head etc. are citable characteristics of achondroplastic dwarf goats.

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There are two dwarf goat breed available, both are from Africa and they are more proportionate. Now this dwarf goats are available throughout the world. Read a short description of this two dwarf goats below.

African Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goat originated from Africa. They are slightly larger (not taller) and less elegant than the Nigerian dwarf goat. They have straight and medium to long hair. The color of their hair is mostly black, but certain have hairs with white markings.

Pygmy goats are tough, robust critters and have strong constitutions. They are prolific breeders and also have outgoing personalities. A pygmy doe can give birth of 2 to 4 babies each time after every nine to twelve months. They are also suitable for raising as pets.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian dwarf is also a well known dwarf goat breed around the world. They are also an African breed. They are smaller in size.

An adult buck ranges from 19 inches to 26.5 inches and an adult doe ranges from 17 inches to 22.5 inches high at the shoulder. Both buck and doe weight about same at maturity and they weight about 75 pounds approximately.

Nigerian dwarf goats are not suitable for milk production. A doe can produce a little amount of milk relative to their body size. They have short to medium hair and come with a wide variety of colors.

They are well behaved and have a reputation for their good disposition. Nigerian dwarf goats are also suitable for raising as pets.

You can also raise some Nigerian dwarf goats with your flock of other goat breeds and they don’t require separate housing, care or anything else.

Caring Dwarf Goats

Maintaining dwarf goats are relatively very easy mainly for their small size. They are very hardy animal and can easily adjust themselves with the environment.

If you want to raise some dwarf goats as pets or with your other goats, then try to purchase at least two. Because they will be much happier with the company of their own species.

Dwarf goats can survive for long time. On an average, they can live about 15 to 20 years. Always try to take good care of your dwarf goats. Give them good foods and make a constant supply of fresh and clean water.

Ensure adequate shade or shelter for them. In case of fencing, make the fence at least 4 feet high from the ground. Vaccinate them timely and they will live happily.

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