Goat Tying Dummy

Before discussing more about the best goat tying dummy, let us first explain what is ‘goat tying’. Goat tying is a rodeo event generally seen in youth (high school and college rodeos), in which the participant rides to a tethered goat, dismounts, catches, throws, and ties any three of its legs together.

The goat must stay tied for 6 seconds after that contestant has backed away from the animal. The rider receives no score, if the goat becomes untied before six seconds have passed.

A participant may be disqualified for undue roughness while handling the goat, touching the goat after the tie, or after signaling completion of the tie, or the contestant’s horse coming in contact with the goat or tether while the contestant has control of the horse.[1]

Goat tying is a common event seen at youth, but no seen in professional rodeo. It is a common event in high school rodeo and intercollegiate rodeo levels.

Goat tying is considered as a women’s event in most cases. And depending on the level of competition, a winning time could be in the range of seven to nine seconds.

Best Goat Tying Dummy

Tuffy and GOATY are the best goat tying dummy brand. Here we are shortly describing about these brands.

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GOATY Goat Tying Dummy

GOATY is a very beautiful hand-crafted stands for approximately 22.5 inches tall and weight between 15 and 16 lbs.

The company is offering grantee for it’s building materials that it will not kink or break and have the life-like flexibility of a real goat legs.

The slender and sturdy legs of this dummy allow the goat-tyer to develop awesome gathering and tying skills.

Unique body of this goat tying dummy and it’s legs are an excellent practice tool for a goat tyer that legs their goat or stuffs their goat.

Tuffy Goat Tying Dummy

Tuffy is another company, producing good quality goat tying dummy. Their products are great practice tool for kids beginning to learn how to goat tie.

Goat Tying Dummy Price

Price depends on the company. It can vary from time to time. But, on an average you can expect the price around $400. If you have tight budget, then you can look for an used goat tying dummy.

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