Top 17 Cons/Disadvantages of Goat Farming Business

Goat farming is definitely a popular and profitable business. But along with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of goat farming business.

So, if you are an existing goat farmer or want to start a new business, then you should learn about the disadvantages of goat farming business.

Lack of proper knowledge and traditional goat farming system are the main disadvantages of goat farming business. Both small scale and commercial goat farming business is very easy and you can start this business with less investment. But you should learn about the disadvantages of goat farming business to gain better result.

Goat products, especially meat and milk are very popular among the people, and demand for both meat and milk is increasing gradually.

Goat meat is nutritious and the milk is easily digestible and even good for your children and kids. Goat products are gaining popularity faster mainly because of the rapid population growth.

And many farmers are taking the advantages of this increasing demand of goat products by venturing into this business. Compared to other livestock or agribusiness, goat farming is relatively easy and the goats are cheap to maintain.

Disadvantages of Goat Farming

Today, popularity of goat farming business is increasing gradually. And popularity of commercial operation is also increasing due to plenty of support given by the government.

However, without knowing about the disadvantages of goat farming business, you will not be able to run your business perfectly. Here we are describing more about the notable drawback or cons or disadvantages of goat farming business.

Following Traditional Goat Farming System

Most of the new and existing farmers and following traditional system for raising goats and this is among the main drawback or disadvantages of goat farming business.

Some of the farmers are totally not aware of the new and improved system of goat farming. And some of the goat farmers used to keep their goats in extensive management system and not aware about the modern farming methods.

Lack of Practical Knowledge

Some of the new goat farmers are not willing to learn practically about this business. Rather they just purchase animals and start raising them.

They have no practical knowledge about running the business effectively. There are many govt. and non govt. organizations which are providing training for raising goats practically.

Depending on your location, you will be able to have training about goat farming from your nearest agriculture extension office, universities and research centers.

Right Breed Selection

Most of the new and existing goat farmers are not aware about the available type of goat breeds and their production purposes.

Especially, the beginner goat farmers fail to choose the right breed for their business. As a result, they don’t get desired production and ultimately they leave this business.

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Starting Without Prior Experience

Starting the business without having prior experience is also among the notable disadvantages of goat farming business. Some beginner start raising some goats immediately after making the decision of goat farming.

This is definitely not good. The beginners without prior practical knowledge, will face high cost, high mortality rates and less profit (or even face loss).

Lack of Capital

In some areas, marginal farmers are not able to start new business with their own investment.

Lack of adequate capital hinders the farmers to start this business in large scale.

If you are not able to start this business with at least 50-100 goats, then you will not be able to make good profit.

Lack of Adequate Vet Services

Adequate vet services are not available in some areas. Goats of some people don’t get proper treatment or medicine if the goats become sick or ill.

And this is also among the major disadvantages of goat farming business.

Lack of Specially Designed Vehicles

Specially designed vehicles are very useful for transporting live goats from one place to another. Such vehicles are very rare in some areas, which hinders purchasing good quality animals from long distances and also prevent you from selling your goats in other market (except your local market). So, lack of specially designed vehicle is also among the major disadvantages of goat farming business.

Marketing Difficulties

Goat products have high demand in the local and international market. Although, some people face problems while selling their products.

If you produce well but can’t sell at right price, then you will face loss in this business.

So, marketing difficulties is also among the main disadvantages of goat farming business.

Other Problems

Along with the disadvantages mentioned above, there are also some other problems which you will face while raising goats. Some other problems are mentioned below.

Predator Problem

There are some predators which can harm your animals. Coyotes, dogs and some other wild animals are the major predators for your goats.

Risk of Robbery

As smaller sized animals, the goats are in the risk of robbery. Due to the smaller size, it is very easy to stole the goats from the herd.

Disease Attack

Goats are susceptible to some parasites and common goat diseases. And initially diagnosing the viral goat diseases is very difficult. Viral diseases of goats spread rapidly and causes death of many animals due to single attack.

Irregular Vaccination

Some of the goat farmers are not aware about vaccinating their goats timely. And irregular vaccination leads to susceptibility of goats to various diseases.

Caring the Pregnant Doe

Improper care during the pregnancy of goats may cause death of the kids or even the doe.

Feeding Problems

Goats are smaller sized animals and they generally require less amount of food, and they can even survive on low quality food. Although, arranging their food can be difficult for you sometime.

Sanitary Management Problem

Some goat farmers are not aware about the proper sanitary management. And improper sanitation in the goat herd leads to the incidence of diseases.

Mixing of Breeds

If you raise many goat breeds together, then there are chances of mixing the breeds. Mixing or crossing the breeds is not good always. And mixing of herds or different goat breeds can cause losses in the farm operation.

Risk of Crop Loss

If you allow the goats to roam freely, then they will eat the fruits and vegetables from your garden or field which will ultimately result crop losses.

These are the common disadvantages of goat farming business. Before starting any farming business, we recommend knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of that business. Hope you have learned a lot about the advantages of goat farming business, and the disadvantages also. God bless you!

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