Can Pygmy Goats Live Inside?

Can Pygmy goats live inside with you as pets? Pet owners who want to raise Pygmies as pets often ask this question. Yes, you are in the right place.

Some people like to raise goats as pets. If you too want to raise small sized goat as pets, then you should try to learn more about this type of miniature goat breeds.

Generally Pygmy goats are smaller in size and weight around 55 to 75 pounds. Other pets like dogs even weight more than 75 pounds.

Can Pygmy Goats Live Inside as Pets

Probably you are thinking that, it’s OK to bring the goats inside the house without any issues. But the question is that, can Pygmy goats live inside like other pets? In a word the answer is a big NO.

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Keeping Pygmy goats as pets is OK, but allowing them live inside is not ideal. For keeping animals as pet inside your house consider your another choice as pets. Pygmy goats just can’t live inside as pet.


Goats can destroy the things inside your house. They can destroy things through taste testing items or by climbing on top of things.

A goat that is allowed to live inside, can eat everything, from your books or homework to the aforementioned stereo, couch and counter.

Goats are smart enough and always love to test things out. They can climb, so you can also see them on your kitchen table and counters.

Eating Requirements

Pygmy goats are browsers like all other goats. They love to graze on the field and prefer the outdoors where they can browse and eat as they need to. Goats spend most of their time eating and drinking.

They always search for more new foods. As a result of this nature, they can taste almost everything whatever they find inside the house, including your kitchen countertop, couch, books etc.

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So it will be very difficult for you to feed your pet goat inside the house. And they also spread the food elements (such as hay, grass or grain) throughout your house and you will need to clean the floor frequently.


Housebreaking a goat is absolutely very difficult. Usually goats eat and drink throughout the day. And as a result, they urinate and defecate throughout the day.

Goat’s poop naturally come out at any time, although it’s possible to train a goat to urinate in a specific place. Your friends or relatives may not take a goat inside the house easily, they are likely to think otherwise.

Goats always require companion. Although they are friendly with humans, but they are herd animals and need company of their own kind. Dog, cat or any other pet don’t make a good goat companion.

You can’t spend all the time with your goats, so they need company, at least another goat. That means, if you want to keep your goats inside like other pets, you have to keep at least two.

And two goats inside your house can make your daily life more destructive. However, the conclusion is, ‘allowing Pygmy goats live inside your house is not ideal’.

Raising goats as pets is absolutely OK, but allowing them inside the house is disgusting. If you need pets and want to keep them inside, consider another animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about can pygmy goats live inside. Here we are listing most common questions about this topic, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

Can goats live inside a house?

Yes, but remember ‘keeping goats in the house can lead to health problems for the goat’. Goats are ruminants and they need to eat food nearly all day long. They walk around, eat until their rumens are full and they god lay down. They burp up their cud and chew everything a second time while they relax in the sun. And it’s not possible to do all these tasks if you keep your goats inside a house.

What temp is too cold for pygmy goats?

Pygmy goats are very cold hardy animals. And temperature below 20°F is considered too cold for these goats.

Are miniature goats good house pets?

Yes, they are! But you have to remember that they will make your house dirty.

Do Pygmy goats do well in winter?

Pygmy goats are very cold hardy animals. And temperature below 20°F is considered too cold for these goats.

Do Pygmy goats need a heat lamp?

Most livestock animals do not require heat during cold winter months, unless you live in the arctic. Goats are no exception. In fact, using a heat lamp can actually cause more significant temperature fluctuations, which can negatively affect their ability to thermoregulate.

What do you do with Pygmy goats in the winter?

Pygmy goats require special care and other management during winter. They require good food, straw and hay inside their house and good ventilation.

Do Pygmy goats need baths?

Yes, bathing your goats after a few days on regular basis will keep the goats fresh, healthy and clean smelling.

Do Pygmy goats smell?

Yes they do like many other goats.

What is the average lifespan of a Pygmy goat?

Average normal lifespan of a Pygmy goat is between 8 and 12 years. But some goats can live up to 22 years in captivity.

How much land do you need to keep Pygmy goats?

Having around 10 square feet housing space per animal will be good.

Are Pygmy goats hard to keep?

No, keeping these goats is not hard. You can raise these goats very easily.

Do Pygmy goats need grass?

Yes, like many other goat breeds, Pygmy goats also require grass to maintain good health.

Are Pygmy goats easy to raise?

Yes, raising Pygmy goats is very easy and simple. Pygmy goats actually require less caring and other management and they are easy to raise than many other goat breeds.

What not to feed Pygmy goats?

You should not feed your Pygmy goats with things like garlic, onion, chocolate or any source of caffeine, to name a few.

Do Pygmy goats make a lot of noise?

Yes, they can be loud sometimes.

What do Pygmy goats like to play with?

Like many other goat breeds, the Pygmy goats love to climb on all sorts of things.

What do you feed pygmy goats in the winter?

During the winter, goats need more energy to help maintain body temperature. They will also need roughage which can be supplied in grass, alfalfa, or mixed hay.

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