What is a Rooster Coxcomb & It’s Functions

Do you know what is a rooster coxcomb and what is the functions of it? Usually a comb is a fleshy growth on the top of the head of your roosters like a crest of other birds.

Developing of a coxcomb is one of the most distinctive physical features of your roosters when they become mature from chick to an adult bird.

Almost all roosters have coxcombs. Although the shape and size of their coxcombs vary depending on the chicken breed and unique genetic characteristics of an individual rooster.

Coxcomb provides the roosters an aesthetic beauty and it also indicates their health condition. Healthy roosters usually have bright and shiny coxcombs. However, learn about what is a rooster coxcomb & what is its functions?

What is Coxcomb

The coxcomb is a fleshy growth and it is located on the top of your rooster’s head. Generally it is a red colored fleshy growth.

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The coxcomb and wattle are of same colored but the wattle is located underneath the chin of your roosters. Both wattle and combs of your roosters provide the same function and purpose.

Comb Shape

Comb shape vary depending on the various types of chicken breeds. There are nine possible comb shapes that roosters may have (according to the American Poultry Association).

Most common and possible comb shapes includes the buttercup comb, the cushion comb, the carnation comb, the pea comb, the rose comb, the single comb, the silke comb, the strawberry comb, the V-shaped comb and the walnut comb.

If you have good idea about the shapes then you can easily identify the types of comb shapes. And each comb shape has specific unique characteristics.

Among the shapes of comb, some are of common type. For example, cushion comb is a very common in specific chicken breeds. Cushion combs are available in the chantecler chickens.

Rooster Coxcomb Functions

The coxcomb has some functions. Read the functions of rooster coxcomb.

Sexual Attraction

Roosters use their coxcomb for sexual attraction. Coxcomb and wattles help them to impress hens and have potential mates. Roosters usually attract the hens by using their large and bright red colored combs and wattles.

If you have numerous roosters in your flock, then your hens will ignore the roosters who have small sized comb or wattle and give priority to the rooster that has large sized and bright red colored wattles and combs.

Hens also have combs and wattles. But their wattles and combs are not large enough like the roosters have. But the purpose of both combs and wattles in both hens and roosters are the same. Combs and wattles help the birds in terms of blood flow and reproductive appeal.

Temperature control

Both roosters and hens use their combs and wattles for controlling their body temperature through blood circulation. The wattles and coxcombs of your roosters and hens are located on the top and bottom of their head.

Both wattles and combs help your birds to improve blood circulation through the area. During excessive hot and summer seasons, roosters use their combs and wattles for increasing blood flow which helps them to keep their body cool.

Usually roosters have large and bright red colored coxcombs and wattles. If they possess large and bright combs, then you can consider them as healthy. But discolored combs and wattles can be the signs of any diseases or health problems.

Combs are especially prone to frostbite when the weather turns cold. If you notice any color or shape changes in your roosters then call your nearest vet as soon as possible. And take good care of your birds and always try to keep them healthy.

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