Keeping Animals Out of Chicken Coop

Complete Guide for Keeping Animals Out of Chicken Coop

There are various types of predators and harmful animals outside your farm areas. This types of predators can harm a lot of your farm and chickens.

They can harm you a lot by harming your chickens, consuming foods and stealing the eggs. There are many omnivores too that can consume your chickens food.

So, you have to prevent this type of predators and keep animals, birds and harmful insects away from your chicken coop.

If you can’t keep other animals and wild birds out of your chicken coop, then your chicken coop is totally useless and you will face huge amount of loss and damages in your business. Learn about keeping animals out of chicken coop.

Keeping Rooster

Roosters are very protective. They can provide good protection for the hens. If you have a large group of chickens, then keep some roosters on the farm for protecting your hens from various types of predators and small animals.

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They also work as an alarm and make sound loudly if they face any problems or any predator approaches the chicken house. Sometimes they also fight with predators to protect the hens.


Making a strong fence around your farm is also very helpful to protect your chickens from wild animals. Place mesh or wire with small openings around the perimeter of your chicken house. This also help you protecting your birds form other animals.

Chicken Feed

Chicken’s feed attracts many predators, bugs, rodents and various types of insects. Never serve them all feeds once a day. Instead serve feed several times a day. And limit the amount of feed before dark.

Leftover feed attracts other animals, many of which will wait until after dark to emerge. So, feed your chickens adequate food by serving it several times in a day.

And clean the feeding pot on a regular basis. This system also help you to prevent food waste.

Always ensure good environment for your chickens for proper growth and better production. Humans are not only the consumers who think chicken’s meat and eggs make a very tasty meal.

There are many animals and birds too. So, you have to prevent all this predators from accessing to your chicken house. Thus you can make a safe environment for your chickens inside the house.

Make doors on your chicken house so that you can open and close it when you want. Close all the doors and windows at night for keeping your chickens safe inside and harmful animals outside.

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