Quail Feeding Guide

Providing high quality, nutritious, and well balanced, quail feeding is very important for maintaining a successful and profitable quail farming business. As quails are smaller sized poultry birds, so they require less amount of food daily.

Usually an adult quail eat not more than 20 to 30 grams of food daily. Quails start laying eggs earlier than any other poultry birds, and certain layer breeds may lay upto 300 eggs per year. But you have to ensure correct nutrition to achieve this production.

As a game bird, quails require more protein in their diet. Good quail feed not only help to keep the birds productive but also help them preventing various types of health problems.

Quails are not greedy bird. They only eat as much as they require. So you don’t have to worry about over feeding.

Quail Feeding Guide

Providing the birds with very good quality and nutritious food is the most important part of quail rearing business. Good food helps to keep the birds healthy, active and productive. However, here we are shortly describing about quail feeding.

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Chick Starter

Feed your quails ‘chick starter’ soon after hatching. This chick starter have to contain proper amount of protein. Quails require more protein than chickens or other poultry birds. Continue feeding the chick starter till their 6 weeks of age.

Broiler chick starter should contain 23 percent protein, 1 percent calcium, 0.5 percent phosphorus and 0.5 percent methionine.

And a layer starter should contain 24 percent protein, 0.85 percent calcium, 0.6 percent phosphorus and 0.5 percent methionine.

Regular Quail Feed

After 6 weeks of age, start feeding them regular diet (grower mash). Ensure availability of 19 percent protein, 0.9 percent calcium, 0.5 percent phosphorus and 0.4 percent methionine in the regular diet of broiler quail.

And the regular diet of layer quail should contain 18 percent protein, 2.75 percent calcium, 0.65 percent phosphorus and 0.45 percent methionine.

Quail feed ingredients are easily available. You can prepare their feed by your own. Just purchase the ingredients separately from the market and mix those at your home.

Sometimes you can also offer them cake, rice, pasta, sweetcorn, lettuce etc. However follow the chart below.

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Along with providing your quails high quality and nutritious food, always ensure availability of adequate amount of clean and fresh water according to their demand.

Some quail farmer used to feed their birds commercial chicken feed. You can also provide them chicken feed. Just add all the necessary nutrients in their diet.

In case of feeding them commercial chicken feed, add additional protein and other nutrients in their diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People ask many questions about quail feed. Here we are trying to list the most common questions about quail feeding, and trying to answer them. Hope you will find your answer. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have more questions.

What is the best feed for quail?

A diet with millet and cracked corn is considered best for quails.

Can you use chicken feed for quail?

Yes, you can use chicken feed to feed your quails.

What to feed quail for laying eggs?

You have to feed your quails with layer feed for laying eggs. An ideal layer feed should contains at least 18.0% protein, 2.75% calcium, 0.65% phosphorus, and 0.45% methionine.

What should you not feed quail?

You should not feed your quail with avocado, caffeine, chocolate, grape seeds, meat, parsley, rhubarb, the stems and leaves of tomato plants, salty foods and treats, uncooked potatoes, and most citrus fruits.

How often should quail be fed?

You should feed your quails at least twice a day.

Can you feed rice to quails?

Yes, sure. And your quails will love to have rice.

What protein do quails need?

Generally, quails need at least 19% protein in their diet.

How do you prepare quail feed?

Preparing quail feed is very easy if you follow this formula.

  • 10% bran
  • 40% corn and
  • 50% concentrate

How much does 1 quail eat per day?

Generally a mature Japanese quail eat not more than 25 grams of food daily.

What vegetables do quails eat?

Quails enjoy to have some vegetables. You can feed your quails with spinach, peas, cabbage, lettuce etc.

How long can quail go without food?

Generally, most of the quails can survive around 48 hours without food or water in the incubator.

What do quail eat naturally?

Wild quail will forage grains and seeds and finish their diet with insects, plants, small nuts, berries etc.

Can quail eat uncooked rice?

Yes, quails can eat both cooked and uncooked rice.

How do you give quail water?

You can give quail water either by using nipple waterers or by using poultry cups.

Are mealworms good for quail?

Yes, mealworms are good for quails and your birds will love to have some.

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