Quail Farming in Nigeria

Commercial quail farming business is highly profitable than any other farming business in Nigeria. As a result more and more people are becoming interested in this business.

Little investment, less labor, small space requirement, easy management, high value of both eggs and meat in the market and high profit within a short period are the main reasons of increasing commercial quail farming in Nigeria.

Quail farming business can be a great chance to increase the income of small holder farmers and it also offers an alternative means of livelihood for both urban and rural people.

Quail farming in Nigeria can play a very important role in the food security, health, wealth and employment source creation.

Quails are like other poultry birds, but they are highly productive, strong and disease resistant than other birds. As a result, risks are less in this business.

Usually quails are reared for their eggs and meat. But raising layer quails for egg production are more popular than raising meat productive quails.

However, here we are describing about the advantages of quail farming in Nigeria and the steps for starting this business.

Advantages of Quail Farming in Nigeria

Commercial quail farming business in Nigeria has many advantages. Here we are describing the main advantages of this business.

  • Quails are smaller in size compared to other available poultry birds. As a result, they require less space, food, care and management.
  • Required initial investment for starting quail farming business is very low than starting any other poultry, fisheries or livestock farming business.
  • Quails require less space for living. So you can raise numerous quails in a small place. Quails also require less labor. You can easily handle about 5,000 birds, without any help of others.
  • Quail farming business has a great ROI ratio (returns of investment). That means, you will get back your investment within a very short period of time.
  • Quails eat less amount of food, compared to other poultry birds. On an average, an adult chicken consumes about 150 grams of food daily. But an adult quail eats not more than 20 to 30 grams of food per day.
  • Chickens or other poultry birds also require a regular administration of medicines, but quails hardy require any medicines.
  • Quail products, such as their meat and eggs have huge demand and high value in the market. Right now, quail products have high value than chicken products. For an example, one kg chicken meat goes for N600, but a quail which hardly weighs 0.5 kg at maturity attracts N700. The price of quail eggs ranges between N20 to N30 and the demand is absolutely high.
  • Quails are good layers. A female quail can lay about 300 eggs yearly. Quails take less time for becoming mature and start laying. On an average, a quail takes about 5 to 6 weeks for maturing and about 6 weeks for start laying.
  • You can fulfill your daily family nutritional demands by raising a few quails, along with your other poultry birds.
  • As quail products have huge demand and high value in the market, so commercial quail farming business can be a great employment source for a large number of Nigerians.
  • Quail meat and eggs have medicinal value, and suitable for all aged people.
  • Along with the above, there are more advantages of starting quail farming in Nigeria. Start the business and you will gradually designate the rests.

How to Start Quail Farming in Nigeria

Starting any farming business is not too easy. You have to do a lot of tasks for running a successful farming business.

But in case of starting quail farming business, you don’t have to go through any strenuous start-up tasks.

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You just have make an effective quail farming business plan and go through some easy step by step process. We are describing the steps below.

Select A Location

You can start quail farming business anywhere within Nigeria, as long as you feed them nutritious food, provide good housing and meetup their other necessary requirements.

But for commercial production, it will be better if you chose a calm, quiet and noise free area. Ensure that, the selected area is fully free form all types of predators or harmful animals.

A clean water source near the area will be beneficial. If you have not a separate land for quail farming, then you can consider raising them at your home.

Even, you can raise the quails inside your poultry house with other birds. In this case, you just have to make a separate cage for your quails.

Purchase Cages & Equipment

There are various types of cages available in the market for raising quails. You can choose any from those according to your production type.

Even some lathe shop accept various designs, so you can also request them to use your own design.

If you can’t purchase a cage right now, then you can consider raising quails in the floor. But it’s not recommended for commercial purpose.

Because raising quails in the cages have many advantages than raising them in the floor. You also have to purchase some equipment for raising quails, such as drinkers and feeders.

Buy Day Old Chicks

Buy day old quail chicks form any of your nearest quail breeders. Price of a pair of day old chicks ranges between N800 to N1000. You can also buy chicks from your nearest quail farmer (if there are any near your location).

But before purchasing day old chicks from any individual farmers or breeders, check his/her farm first for avoiding fraudulent activities.

Feeding Your Quails

Always feed your bird well-balanced and nutritious food. You can feed chick starter (available for chickens) to your quail chicks for their first few days of age. After that, you can feed them regular chicken feed.

Commercial quail farming business is becoming popular rapidly and some poultry feed supplier has started producing commercial quail feeds (which is especially prepared for the quails).

Quails usually require extra protein in their feed than chickens, ducks or other poultry birds. Right now, 1 kg feed will cost you about N100.

Ensure adequate supply of clean and fresh water, along with providing well balanced feed.

Health Care

Quails hardly get affected by diseases or other health issues. Your quails will live happily and produce their maximum, if you keep them in a good house, feed them nutritious feed, supply sufficient fresh water and take good care of them.

But it’s a good idea to keep the contact details of your nearest vet. So that you can call him/her immediately, if something goes wrong. Also keep a small budget for medication.


Set your own strategies for marketing your products. It will be better if you set your marketing strategies before starting this business. Right now, quail products have a huge demand and value in the market.

You can try your local markets or nearest town. Discuss about your farm and products with your friends, relatives and local people and ask for their help.

Quail farming business is no doubt a booming farming business in Nigeria that will gradually take over chicken or any other poultry farming business in the country very soon.

If you intend to start this profitable business, then please visit some existing quail farms practically. Gather experience and learn how people are making profit form this business, and finally do it. May God bless you!

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