Do You Know How to Get Quails to Lay Eggs

Learning about how to get quails to lay eggs is important because your quails can stop laying eggs sometimes.

Quails generally stop laying eggs for various reasons such as stress, minimum sunlight or lack of calcium. But there are almost nothing to worry about if your quails stop laying eggs.

How to Get Quails to Lay Eggs

There are some steps which can easily solve this problem. You can easily get your quails to lay eggs if you give them the proper care they need. However, here we are describing more about how to get quails to lay eggs.

Determine Gender of Your Birds

First of all try to figure out the gender of your birds. You can easily separate male and female birds from the flock.

Observing the behavior of the quails is a good way to separate male and female quails.

Male quails generally tend to be more aggressive than the females. You can also look at the feathers of your birds.

Most of the male quails generally have brighter feathers around the neck, head and back. But the female quails will generally have more plain colors.

Give Time to the New Quails

Give some time to the quails to settle in, if they are new in your flock. The birds can get stress from all the new surroundings.

Generally it can take up to 2-6 weeks for quails to settle in and start laying eggs.

Although some quails can settle in straight away and start laying eggs just after 20 days of moving. So give the birds time to settle in.

Enough Space

Enough space is also an important factor. Laying quails will generally require around 1 square foot floor space.

If your birds don’t have enough space, then try to give them more space.

quail eggs, how to get quail to lay eggs

Arranging more space will allow your birds to roam freely. But less space will result the birds to get stress from close confinement.

Calcium Enriched Food

Calcium is very important for laying quails. You can mix crushed oyster shells in your quail’s diet. Oyster shells are generally high on calcium.


Light is also very important for laying quails. So you have to give your birds access to light. You can either hang lights near their cage or move their cage to a sunny/light area.

Lighting period has direct relation with egg production. Generally 14-16 hours of lighting period is required for the birds per day. Please don’t exceed this period, because your birds do need time to sleep and rest.

Keep Your Birds Undisturbed

Try not to disturb your birds. Because quails generally require and prefer calm and quiet area. Such environment actually help to stimulate laying. And disturbing the laying birds can cause stress.

Protect From Predators

Try to keep common predators away from your birds. Also keep your pet cat or dog out from the quails. Because your pet dog or cat can also disturb or scare the quails. This is also a reason for not laying eggs.

Add Some Straw or Hay

Adding some straw or hay to the cage will help your quails to lay eggs. Because some quails prefer to build nest for laying eggs. And some birds will lay eggs anywhere. But do not mess with or clean the cage a lot.

Cleaning often will not only destroy their nests but also disturb them as well. It good to clean the cage once a week or once after every 2 weeks. But you can clean the feeder or waterer on a regular basis.

Hope all the steps mentioned above will help your quails to lay eggs. Thank you!

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